To us, a good summer cocktail always has to tick a few things off our checklist.

It has to be easy to make, their ingredients need to be easy to find and most important of all: they need to be delicious.

We also want a fresh taste and anything citrus-related usually does the job well. That’s why a “Ginger 43” hits all the right buttons, making it an EBS favorite in all of our summer destinations.

licor 43 ebs cocktail

Your Ginger 43 Needs Licor 43

Licor 43 is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and it’s no doubt down to the fact that it’s incredibly versatile.

It’s considered a household item anywhere in Southern Spain and it’s becoming a must-have for a lot of bars across the globe.

The original recipe is a well-kept secret amongst Zamora family members who own the brand, since its creation in 1924. Prepare yourself for more citrus, Mediterranean herbs, vegetable essences and several aromatic spices.

It’s not just for summer cocktails, but it sure does make them delicious.

licor 43 pouring cocktail ginger

How Do I Make a Ginger 43 Summer Cocktail?


  • A Licor 43 balón glass or a large wine glass
  • 50ml Licor 43 (1 part / 1¾oz)
  • 200ml ginger ale (3 parts / 6¾oz)
  • Juice from half a lime
  • Ice cubes
  • Slice of lime and a twist of lime peel, to garnish


1. Add six ice cubes to your glass (five is acceptable, so is seven)

2. Pour the ginger ale over the ice

3. Add Licor 43 to the mix

4. Introduce the lime juice

5. Lime slice as garnish and a twist or peel

6. Enjoy

There you have it! A simple and delicious summer cocktail you can easily make when the sun’s beaming down. We’ll let you in on a little secret – this drink is delicious no matter what the weather is.