Scottish castle

What can you expect of Speyside?

Speyside is a picturesque area of Scotland that is recognised as the epicentre for single malt Scotch whisky. There are around 50 distilleries in Speyside which makes it the world’s greatest concentration and makes up for nearly 50% of all whisky distilleries in Scotland.

The Glenfiddich distillery is located in Dufftown, the self-titled “malt whisky capital of the world”. Dufftown is home to no fewer than 6 distilleries, which is pretty impressive for a population of 1,600. Staying at the Glenfiddich distillery also means that you can taste and purchase whisky that can not be found outside of the distillery.

If you stick around after the course, you can explore the charming local villages and towns, tour the grand castles, and enjoy the stunning local countryside.  

Inside Glenfiddich distillery

The Speyside distillery

Training will be hands-on at the family-owned Glenfiddich distillery and is only available due to this exclusive partnership between William Grant & Sons and EBS. William Grant and Sons’ facilities in Dufftown perform all stages of whisky making, from grain to glass. Barley is grown and harvested on-site in their own fields, before being malted using traditional floor malting techniques. The wort is fermented and then distilled in traditional copper pot stills prior to maturation on site amongst around one million oak casks.

If you’re going to immerse yourself in Scotch whisky there is no better way than with European Bartender School’s Scotch Whisky Expedition.

Outside Glenfiddich distillery


During your time in Speyside you’ll live on-site at the Glenfiddich distillery. You’ll stay in traditional cottages with the other members of the expedition. This is a super exclusive opportunity that isn’t available to the public and allows you to be fully immersed in whisky production.  

Expeditions in Speyside