Love gin? Then you’ll love discovering these five amazing international gin destinations…

The world’s gone positively gin mad over the last decade, and it is quickly rising to be one of the most popular boozes known to man. While it may have originated in Holland in the 17th century and then by the Victorian era become predominantly associated with London – gin is in fact produced across the globe.

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these five exciting gin holiday destinations…


Did you know that Filipinos are the biggest gin drinkers in the entire world? That’s right and as you probably already know, The Philippines are a spectacular exotic holiday destination. Not only are The Philippines incredibly beautiful and oftentimes surprisingly affordable, there are multiple gin distilleries across the islands as well as gin bars such as The BonBon Club in Makati – which is the country’s first ever gin specialty bar.


And finally we come to Barcelona, the vibrant party city that somehow fuses old and new so effortlessly. It comes as no surprise then that Barcelona has embraced gin culture and there are countless hip bars across the city. Old Fashioned Gin Tonic & Cocktail Bar that as the name suggests offers a quaint yet undeniably hip vibe while there are plenty of ultra-modern gin settings such as Dux Gin & Cocktail Borne. Whether you’re looking for a quick G&T or an epic night out filled with gin based cocktails, Barcelona certainly has you covered.


Move over whisky, as it is now gin that is becoming the most beloved Scottish poison of choice – both with its locals and tourists alike. The Scottish gin industry is booming, and gin tours are becoming one of the country’s most popular attraction. Whether you fancy touring the country on a week-long gin adventure or simply sampling some local gins when you’re in Edinburgh or Glasgow for the day – there’s a gin tour for just about every taste and timeframe.


Yes, even across the pond there are some fabulous, truly unique gin distilleries very much worth a consideration. One that particularly caught our eye is Aviation American Gin, a gin company founded in hipster town Portland, Oregon – and that was recently bought by Hollywood superstar Ryan Reynolds no less. A gin that is blended with a precise botanical blend that includes coriander, French lavender and anise seed, we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about this gin in the near future, and Portland will soon become a new gin hotspot to boot.


Wine may be synonymous with Italy but there are actually multiple gin-makers in Tuscany. Peter in Florence for example, is the only distillery that exclusively makes gin in all of Italy. This niche Tuscan gin is created with fourteen botanicals (which include juniper and rose berries) and the creator offers gin tasting lessons and even the opportunity to create your own version of the gin.