As any seasoned cocktail drinker knows, part of the fun is enjoying the experimentation of new flavours, styles and mixes. But are you daring enough to try one of these quirky 2018 cocktail trends?

A dash of vinegar

One of the biggest holistic trends of the year is downing a tablespoon of apple vinegar a day – believed to be excellent for digestion and weight loss. And it seems this trend is spilling into the cocktail sphere.

Shrubs – not the kind you find in the garden – but rather a fruit vinegary infused syrup – are the latest rage in cocktails. Often sustainable and hyperlocal to source, shrubs cocktails are popping up in many trendy bars.

Adding a home-grown twist to classic fruity summer cocktails, look out for shrub themed cocktails next time you hit the bar scene.

Veggies based mixes

As bizarre as it may sound, vegetable based cocktails are edging their way into the mainstream London cocktail scene. The famous city view Duck and Waffle restaurant now offers an exotic celeriac and bee pollen Bellini while City Social offers a pumpkin based cocktail cheekily named ‘Oh My Gourd.’

While we’re not entirely sure whether these veggie cocktails will count toward your five-a-day we still think they’re a creative cocktail trend worth a try.

A touch of CBD oil

If you’re planning on taking a trip to Los Angeles, California this year and are 420 friendly (if you have no idea what this means the chances are you aren’t  then you may want to consider giving a CBD oil spiked cocktail a go.

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found from marijuana plant and can be legally traded in the State of California. And in the last few years or so it has become increasingly popular to add a helping to cocktails. Look out for CBD on the menu, and in some cases it is offered as a special addition to your favourite cocktail classics.

Fashionable mocktails

Long gone are the days when mocktails simply consisted of drab ‘Shirley Temples’ or run-of-the-mill Bloody Marys. With an ever-increasing health conscious culture throughout the Western world, bars are becoming more and more adept at offering funky and of course delicious mocktail offerings.

Next time you’re in a fashionable cocktail bar, flip to the back of the drinks menu and we bet you’ll be surprised at just how many non-alcoholic cocktails are on offer. And if not, any professionally trained bartender should be able to whip you up an alcohol-free delight in no time.

A boost of turmeric

Turmeric adds a packing punch to many a dish, has health benefits that range from containing antioxidants to having anti-inflammatory properties and is fast becoming a popular ingredient in cocktails.

You’ll probably notice its presence on a fair few cocktail menus, but it is particularly well paired with gin. And as we all know, gin is very much the most en vogue spirit of the last five years. Either added as a turmeric syrup or mixed in its powder form, popular turmeric gin based cocktails include turmeric gin and ginger and the turmeric gin sour.

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