The day has finally come. The one we wait all year for, it’s Bacon Day! To celebrate the most glorious of days, we made some Bacon Infused Whiskey, and also crafted a unique cocktail for you to enjoy. So pop the grill on and get sizzling some rashers. Don’t go bacon our hearts, let’s start frying!

Why is bacon great?

  1. Do we need to explain? If you need some more motivation to eat (or drink) some bacon today, here are a few good reasons…

  2. It makes you clever! Bacon contains something called choline, which helps improve your memory and intelligence!

  3. Bacon contains protein that gives us energy to get through the day

  4. It makes you happy! Bacon is proven to be a mood-enhancer. The umami in it creates a reaction in your brain which lowers stress levels

  5. Bacon can reduce cholesterol levels when consumed moderately. It contains omega-3 which is also found in fish

  6. It’s full of vitamins. Bacon contains lots of B vitamins which help strengthen our immune systems


Bacon cocktail recipe glass

Bacon infused whiskey recipe


  • Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

  • Bacon


  1. Put a healthy amount of bacon in a baking tray and grill it until it’s nice and crispy

  2. When it’s ready take the bacon out and save it for garnish

  3. Pour the fat that has come off the bacon into your Jack Daniel’s whiskey

  4. Freeze the bacon-whiskey mixture overnight

  5. In the morning, strain the whiskey into a container or a bottle

You can enjoy this whiskey neat, or you can use it for an Old Fashioned Twist…

Tennessee swine recipe

An Old Fashioned Twist recipe made with bacon infused whiskey


  • 2 Dashes Orange Bitters

  • 1 cl Sugar Syrup

  • 1 Barspoon of Malibu

  • 6 cl Bacon Infused Jack Daniel’s

  • Bacon for garnish


  1. Cool your mixing glass with ice before you begin

  2. Add your orange bitters and pour in the sugar syrup

  3. Pour the bacon Jack Daniel’s in

  4. Drop in your Malibu, and stir

  5. Ice up your serving glass and strain the cocktail through it

  6. Garnish with a rasher of bacon