Bartender course to bar job in just 4 weeks

During her bartender course at EBS Cape Town, Emmy got to know a local bar manager named Jody and ended up landing a job behind the stick at an epic cocktail bar named Orphanage. Hear first-hand Emmy’s account of just how she managed to achieve every travelling bartender’s dream.

Are you inspired by Emmy’s story? See what an EBS course can do for you

Become a bartender of international standards

Before the course, Emmy wasn’t very confident behind the bar. It was her bartender course that made her feel like she could succeed. Emmy told us that it was the focus on the practical training with EBS that made the big difference and allowed her to become the best bartender she could be in such a short space of time.

Whether you head to EBS Cape Town like Emmy did, or if you choose to go to another one of our 25 other worldwide destinations, you’ll be trained up to the same high international standard.

Our Board of Education visit each and every school to guarantee that they are maintaining the industry’s highest bartending training standards. The board ensures that all of the educational materials are up to date and in line with the latest worldwide trends.

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Build a professional network

Emmy really took advantage of the opportunity to speak to local industry people in Cape Town during her course. One of the bar managers she spoke to was Jody, he was very impressed with the skills and knowledge that her EBS bartender course had taught her.

It is not unusual for EBS students to connect with local bartenders and land a job immediately after the course. Bar managers and owners are always on the lookout for young, passionate, and skilled bartenders, and they know that EBS students tick all of these boxes.

If and when you have the chance to chat to local industry people, don’t be shy. These are the times when you need to shine and show them that you are ready to be their next bartender.

If after chatting to the bar managers, you are offered a chance of a trial shift behind the bar, grab it both hands. Turn up early, make sure you’re dressed for the part and show off the amazing skills and deep knowledge you have gained during your course.

Bartend with Hard Work, Spirit and Soul

After getting a job in Cape Town, Emmy decided to change the date of her return flight back to the Netherlands because she had fallen in love with the Mother City. Emmy is the perfect example of an EBS student who lives by the Hard Work, Spirit and Soul motto.

She was proactive and made an impulsive decision to work and carry on exploring the stunning city of Cape Town. Who knows? The same thing could happen to you in one of our 25 other worldwide destinations.