Looking back, that period where you get out of high school, and you are supposed to take on the world is weird. Having left most of the annoying teenage anxiety behind me, I was still very much trying to find my way in life. And on my first day at university, I could tell I wasn’t the only one. During the introduction week, some people would make up the weirdest story about themselves in an effort to climb the social ladder as quickly as possible.

But despite these people their best efforts to bluff their way up the social ladder, life doesn’t work that way. Halfway in the semester, you could clearly tell who stood out of the crowd and who was just trying too hard. A select group of students just seemed to float above it all, going about their business without being too much affected by what was going on around them. Unsurprisingly, you’d encounter those same people when you were out in town, as somehow the majority of them worked in the best bars and clubs, making good money on the side.

bar counter tray

Not wanting to feel left out, I remember walking into the nearest appropriate place I could think of, and simply asked them if they needed anyone to help out, as I was looking for a job on the side. The girl in charge asked me what experience I had, and after telling her I had none, I was hired on the spot as a glass collector in one of the high-end beach clubs. Hooray!

Ever since that first job, I have always kept that fascination with the bartending profession and how bartenders stand out of the crowd. The cooler the bar they worked in, the cooler these guys seemed to be.

But why is that? Personally, I think it revolves around the chicken and the egg thing; are bartenders hired because they have that charismatic and cool personality, or did the high-end environment rub off on him? The answer probably lies somewhere in between, and it is a fact that bartending will work miracles for your social life.

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Bartenders tend to have a hundred times more social interactions than normal people, so it is only natural that you become better at reading people’s faces and postures. And because of the sheer quantity of encounters you make, including an unpleasant situation here and there, your confidence will grow exponentially both behind the bar and in other situations life will throw at you. Whether you are working with security to get rid of a difficult customer, or you are in a discussion with a barback about tips; Situations like that will make you a more determined person, both on and off the job.

And never mind how much easier it becomes to talk to attractive strangers; because of your job, your social circle will grow exponentially, opening up all kinds of possibilities. This is why bartending will affect your social life in a very positive way, and I think it is safe to say you’ll be more of an engaging and social person for the rest of your life. If nothing else, working in the nightlife usually means you join the secret society of nightcrawlers. Guestlists are suddenly a normal thing, and at any given time in the month, you will know where the best party in town is.

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