Let’s face it, everyone needs some help when it comes to memorising the facts, and when you take the International Bartender Course with the European Bartender School you have to memorise over 80 cocktails. “How do I do that?” We hear you say…

Well, we have come up with the perfect solution for every student to memorise the entire cocktail album! European Bartender School proudly presents the official 'EBS Cocktails App' for iOS and Android devices. The app features over 80 cocktails in cue card format and has instant test results, making practising your cocktails easier than ever.

In the modern day world we live in, everything is becoming more mobile, compact, faster and easier to use. The popularity of mobile applications is undeniable in modern society; they play such a large part in all of our lives. This is why EBS have decided to help their students by giving them all of their cocktail knowledge in one easy to use app, to make practicing cocktails an entertaining and effortless task.

Have you ever noticed the more you have your phone with you, the more tempted you are to play another round of Candy Crush or send out a few Snapchats? You can practice anywhere and on the go therefore your test results will rapidly improve!

The app contains a self-testing feature which allows you to see instant scores and any mistakes you may have made. Get your friends together and test each other’s cocktail knowledge to make studying more entertaining, faster and memorable, you’ll thank each other during the exams!

European Bartender School Certificate

European Bartender School are the largest and most professional bartending school in the world. We are passionate and serious about our bartending courses, and want to ensure that every student has the best possible experience.The app is another way for our students to make the most of their EBS experience and ensure that they graduate at the top of the class.