It was always Philip’s goal to end up working behind the bar in the United States. He left his home in Switzerland to take the EBS bartender course in the USA and ended up landing a job in one of the world’s best venues.

Check out how Philip managed to land such a prestigious position and see how he spends his days off down on South Beach, Miami.

Staying ahead of the competition

The competition to find work behind a well-known bar isn’t easy, and it’s even more fierce in Miami.

Bars and clubs have to stay on top of their game at all times in order to be a hit in the city, they only want the best staff working behind the bar.

Philip understood that his new bartending skills alone may not be enough to land the perfect bar job in Miami. That’s why he made as many industry contacts as he could during his EBS International Bartender Course.

Working behind the bar at the Setai

Philip is now working behind the bar at a 5-star hotel, The Setai. It’s one of the most luxurious, iconic and stunning hotels in all of Miami. Philip has really hit the jackpot.

It was a special combination of his new bartending skills, industry contacts, and a pinch of luck that enabled Philip to get his dream bar job.

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Living the south beach lifestyle

Miami South Beach

Before landing his job at The Setai, Philip found life in Miami a little challenging, he was living outside of the city and was sharing a flat with other people.

However; his new position enabled him to get his own place next to the beach and live the ultimate Miami lifestyle.

Passion to succeed

Philip’s enthusiasm and passion for the bartending industry are obvious from the get go. He lives and breathes the travelling bartender’s lifestyle.

He now spends his free time practising his flair moves down on Miami’s South Beach or checking out the incredible bar scene the city has to offer.

No matter where you go in the city you’re bound to find a fantastic mix of outdoor, dive, and classy cocktail bars. This is what makes Miami a brilliant bartending city, and is also one of the reasons why we have our very own bartender school in the city, EBS Miami.

Philip’s dedication and determination to perfect his flair skills and learn more about bartending in his spare time is an example of what it takes to become an exceptional bartender.

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