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What can you see and do in Jalisco?

Jalisco is situated in the central-western part of Mexico and is recognised as being one of the most emblematic states in the country. There are a lot of things that originate from Jalisco that are noted as being typical of Mexico. The country’s most renowned music, Mariachi; the wide-brimmed sombrero hat, traditional rodeos called charreadas; and, of course, tequila.

You’ll visit the small town of Tequila that is located about one hour outside of the city of Guadalajara. This is where tequila was born and also contains the agave fields that have been named as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

As you travel through Jalisco, you’ll also discover its unique and deep-rooted historical and cultural roots. And, ultimately, understand why the government has named it as one of Mexico’s “Pueblo Magicos” (magical towns).

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The Jalisco Expedition

The expedition will begin in Jalisco where you’ll see how big producers like Sauza, and smaller producers like Don Fulano, handle all levels of their production. Explore the blue agave fields, and if the timing’s right, experience the harvest. Discover agave cooking, fermenting, distilling, and maturation process. Learn how the CRT (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) work to govern and protect tequila.

You’ll head into the highlands of Jalisco to visit brands like Olmeca, Cabeza and Calle 23. Spend time in Mascota, Jalisco to get to know the ancient agave spirit of raicilla. You’ll then fly to the very heart of the country, to the city of Oaxaca. Go behind the scenes at family run operations that are surprisingly small and very traditional. You’ll see the production of wild agave mezcal and taste the spirit in its freshest and rawest form.

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During your time in Mexico, you’ll stop in various hotels as you move around the country. You’ll stay in good standard hotels and will share a bedroom with one other person. The hotels will mainly be used as a base to crash between tequila-filled days!

Expeditions in Jalisco

Tequila and Mezcal Expedition

An authentic and hands-on exploration of agave fields and multiple Tequila and Mezcal distilleries.