Board of Education

ensuring excellence across our schools

Our Board of Education is responsible for maintaining the highest educational standard in the bartending industry. With 50.000+ students and over 20 schools worldwide, the board makes sure all educational materials are up to date and in line with the latest trends and developments in the hospitality sector. The Board of Education is unique to European Bartender School and guarantees a relevant curriculum for both employers and students of our courses.



During this annual event, the Board of Education present the latest developments in the hospitality sector. During this multiple-day event, all EBS instructors are brought up to date, ensuring their teaching methods meet the strict demands of the board. The different master classes, presentations and workshop also provide an excellent opportunity for our instructors to recalibrate their existing skills. Attending the annual instructor convention is mandatory for all EBS instructors.


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Tom Dyer

Tom is a world champion and has ranked Top five in the last seven years. He has won over 50 international competitions in 35 different countries around the world, visited talk shows in ten different countries, organized the world’s largest flair competition and so far trained over 1,000 bartenders.


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Johannes Kinch

Johannes is a 10-time Swedish champion in Flair and has also positioned himself as 3rd in two World Championships. He has worked at many of Stockholm’s hot spots and is well known in the industry.

Johannes is EBS lead instructor in Stockholm.


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Marian Beke

Marian Beke is a legend in the bar industry. He has taken home globally recognised awards and is recognised across the world as a leading innovator in the cocktail realm, his creativity behind the bar is limitless and has helped him build a greatly credited reputation.


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Björn Kjellberg

BjörnKjellberg is a world famous Tequila master and two-times winner of “Best Bar in Sweden” with the bar he manages, “Little Quarter” (Bartenders’ Choice Awards). His knowledge of Tequila’s history is unchallenged by many and is always apparent in his work today.


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