Read student reviews on the EBS experience

Juan Varela

"It's more than a bartending course, it's a great life experience! While being away from home getting to make awesome new friends and learning about their culture, you also become a bartending machine, unbeatable behind the bar! The course itself is great, but the family you make is even better. The instructors are very attentive and really know what they are doing, the bar knowledge you acquire will help you understand taste, history and procedures of many liquors which will give you great confidence behind the bar. The overall experience is just amazing and I totally recommend this course to anyone who wishes to obtain a bartending certification!"

– Juan Varela #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

yatin  gramopadhye

"I Love EBS . . No words To Say Anything. It was just great great . ."

– yatin gramopadhye #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Vitali Mircev

"Great experience !!!"

– Vitali Mircev #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Vanessa Calado

"Arriving into EBS Phuket I had no idea what was awaiting me for the next 4 weeks. I went in with little to no knowledge in bartending, and have come out of it a fully-trained bartender! The instructors at EBS Phuket really train you to be the best, whilst keeping it fun and entertaining. The staff, instructors and other students really made it feel like a second home, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! To top it off, Thailand is a beautiful destination, with sights to experience and memories to make. You won't regret EBS Phuket if you choose to go! Life time experience, with friends for life world-wide!"

– Vanessa Calado #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Tomica Kostic

"You are just AMAZING !"

– Tomica Kostic #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Tijana Dedijer

"I have finished the course in Barcelona. Most of the instructors were full of knowledge and showed a lot of interest in everything what they did. I will come back to finish the advanced course with EBS because my impressions are great. I - personally - loved it, and for sure will recommend EBS to anyone who would like to learn more and have an great time while learning."

– Tijana Dedijer #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Thomas Colla

"It was a great experience! The instructors were highly skilled and able to teach at a really personal level! The location of the school (and hostel) was ideal for exploring the city. I will certainly recommend it to other people."

– Thomas Colla #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)




International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Stephen  Cook

"Great start to my bar tending journey. Professional, social and challenging. Brilliant instructors and made friends for life."

– Stephen Cook #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Stefan Latyszonek

"EBS was everything i was hoping it would be and more... it was great fun, but was also extremely well put together and I have walked away feeling like I couldn't have learnt much more in a month... the tutors were friendly and helpful, and also extremely knowledgeable... The techniques for teaching really help you to get the most out of the short amount of time you have to learn... very rewarding in the final week or 2 when everything starts to come together. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start out in the bartending world."

– Stefan Latyszonek #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Sofia  Alekseeva

"Everything was great, especially the staff."

– Sofia Alekseeva #EBSBarcelona

Mixology Course (2 days)

Simon Padley

"You guys were amazing. 10/10 would recommend"

– Simon Padley #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Sanket Joshi

"It was an awesome experience at ebs phuket. All instructors are best. And they teach each and every student really very well. Ebs phuket location is also perfect."

– Sanket Joshi #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Rui Tavares

"It was a really amazing experience, all the knowledge I gathered in the course, like different ideas from the teachers and other students. As an overall experience it was amazing to develop myself as a bartender. Thank you very much."

– Rui Tavares #EBSDublin

Mixology Course (2 days)

Rui Pacheco

"It's really a hard course but in the end, you'll end up having a bunch of amazing friends and with great memories of an amazing times!"

– Rui Pacheco #EBSMallorca

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Radu Juverdeanu

"Was far more better than I expected, a lot of good info and excellent instructors."

– Radu Juverdeanu #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Penio  Petrov

"A must do either you wanna be a good bartender or have an experience you will always remember. Accommodation, great teachers, great atmosphere and great knowledge, the best you can get. Go EBS!"

– Penio Petrov #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Olivia Kakai

"I completed the Amsterdam course, I loved the teachers, all the lessons were interesting!!"

– Olivia Kakai #EBSAmsterdam

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Nicholas Anthony  Dillon

"Ebs Kos, was a great experience, can not explain how much fun I have had the last month! Definitely recommend it to others! Thank you EBS !!!!"

– Nicholas Anthony Dillon #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Hi Nicholas, thanks for the great review, glad you enjoyed it! Team EBS!
Nezka Mocivnik

"Knowledge and happy days go hand in hand with ebs! Great balance that not everybody can achieve. Rock on!"

– Nezka Mocivnik #EBSDublin

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Neil Anthony

"The time spent there was amazing, alongside the people I met and the experiences I had. The greatest thing was becoming a family with the people we lived with!"

– Neil Anthony #EBSStockholm

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Natalie Stubbs

"It was hard work and a lot of studying but it was an absolutely amazing trip! Met some lovely people and learnt a lot. I will always have the best memories from this month in New York."

– Natalie Stubbs #EBSNew York

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Mitch Brown

"It's not just a walk in the have to earn it. But once you get the hang of it it's great!! Barcelona EBS staff are so friendly and love to have a lot of fun and games with you. HAVE FUN!!!"

– Mitch Brown #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Mihai   Bloj

"Hi there! If you have no clue on what's going in a bar or you already work in a bar but you want to improve your skills, EBS is a really good start. The school was beyond my expectations, learned a lot and looking forward to do the advanced courses. Really good instructors, they know what they are talking about with a good sense of humor. Great school overall!"

– Mihai Bloj #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Marco Collini

"The course was really good time, from the apartment to the bar/school everything was well organized and "smooth". I really enjoy every day, just the position of the apartment could be better, in a more central place. However I've had a good education with the right amount of strees for studing!"

– Marco Collini #EBSNew York

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Manos  Bourantanis

"From the first day the course was intense and full of fun, the instructors were more than friendly with each student. EBS helped me to fortify my knowledge about bartending and see bartending from a whole new perspective. After 4 weeks I didn't become only a complete bartender but a complete new person. All the students together are like a family, I feel like my family is spread all over the world. Thank you Rachel, Jani, Angie, Afi, Rasmus and Lin for everything, I owe you a lot. I love EBS :D"

– Manos Bourantanis #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Madison  Sherwin

"Would recommend the course to anyone. So much fun, you meet crazy people and do amazing things... all while learning new skills."

– Madison Sherwin #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Lewis Lanning

"Great teachers, great venue and facilities, really useful training."

– Lewis Lanning #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Leah  King

"I had the best month of my life at EBS Kos, with the best people! Our instructors were amazing. They were all so helpful in school, and so nice outside of school. It was so easy to go to them when we had a problem, and they never hesitated to help. If I could do the course again I would be back in Kos in a heartbeat. I loved it!!"

– Leah King #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Laura Harding

"I thoroughly enjoyed my EBS experience, I learned a lot and had fun whilst doing it. I met some truly amazing people through this course and had fantastic instructors (Tarmo & Lenka)."

– Laura Harding #EBSBarcelona

Mixology Course (2 days)

Kristina  Holesek

"An amazing experience, hard study but it was worth it. Great instructors! Maybe a little less obvious sponsorship and a free EBS T-shirt :) All good, would do it again and for sure when I decide to upgrade my knowledge I will do it with EBS! Best regards, Kristina"

– Kristina Holesek #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Konstantinos Kotsos

"Beautiful memories and a lot of experience!!!!!!"

– Konstantinos Kotsos #EBSOslo

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Khyan Steenvoorden

"Loved the course. The Instructors were amazing and the learning environment was incredible. The atmosphere and the location was incredible and the course itself, from an educational stand point, was challenging but engaging. So it really was a lot of fun!! Would recommend it to anyone who's interested in bartending! -Khyan Steenvoorden"

– Khyan Steenvoorden #EBSSt. Martin

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Julin Pinari

"It was a really good course, Aaron and Emanuel were really professional."

– Julin Pinari #EBSBerlin

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Joanne Chapman

"Had an amazing month. Shame it wasn't longer. Met some amazing people there that I won't forget, great Instructors, in my eyes they couldn't have improved on anything. Would highly recommend this course to anyone. Until next time EBS :) "

– Joanne Chapman #EBSDublin

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Jesse  Spence

"I learnt lessons I'll never regret. I made friends I'll never forget. It was by far the best thing I ever done."

– Jesse Spence #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Jerome Provost

"Thank you EBS for this experience !!! Amazing :)"

– Jerome Provost #EBSSydney

Mixology Course (2 days)

Jamie Barry

"I had an amazing time at EBS, even if it was hard work!! All of the instructors were lovely and helpful, even if Eric was a bit strict! Huge thanks to Tarmo Piir, he really knew everything inside and out and taught me so much"

– Jamie Barry #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)


"In my opinion this school is a very important course to improve your skills in making cocktails. Also, you can travel in all the world and you can have a job which you love. You meet people from different countries and you live with them for 4 amazing weeks. Magic!!!!!!!"


International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Howard Johnson

"To whoever is reading this, if you are doubting yourself don't, book the course and I can 100% guarantee you it will be the best month of your life."

– Howard Johnson #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Heiðrun Leivsdóttir

"It was a truly amazing month where we really had to work hard with spirit and soul. But even though we had to study hard we had more than enough time to get to know the other students and have the best kind of fun in the world. It is really crazy how close you get with them in only four weeks. And the teachers, Aleksi, Danny and Joakim, were absolutely great. And not to forget Laura who took the time to plan our events and even go with us to enjoy them. They were really the best team. All in all awesome students, awesome teachers and not to forget the amazing food :) Would definitely recommend EBS to anyone who wants to have the time of their lives and still get the skills of a good bartender :)"

– Heiðrun Leivsdóttir #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Hayden O'Meara

"It was both challenging and supportive, the instructors were an amazing group of skilled professionals that took the time to help during and after class, the course was hard enough for it to be a constant thing to work on but easy enough that I could go out for a night or two every week and still keep up with the study. The hostel was a great environment with so many people passionate about this line of study which made it easier for me to study myself. Overall, I had one of the best times of my life doing EBS and would do it again in a heartbeat"

– Hayden O'Meara #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Gudrun  Maria Thorsteinsdottir

"These past 4 weeks have been amazing. Teachers were great and the education and the training were even better. I'm kind of surprised by how much I was able to learn in this short period of time."

– Gudrun Maria Thorsteinsdottir #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

George Payne

"EBS New York was literally the best time of my life and I wish that the 4 weeks didn't go so fast. The instructors were always willing to help and I have made some great friends, I've even found my self a new hobby while I'm at university (flair). Thank you so much for this experience."

– George Payne #EBSNew York

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Francis Thurstun-Crees

"One for the best months of my life ! Before I the course I was passionate about good drinks but after it is am totally in love with mixology. I am so glad I dedicated the time to this wonderful school. ( my friends tell me I have turned into an alcohol snob )"

– Francis Thurstun-Crees #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Fiona McLeod

"I went into the four week course with different expectations and ideas about what the course would be like. I didn't imagine it would be so stressful, I thought it would be a fun easy thing to do that was a bit different that just a holiday in Spain. But then again, it *is* a crash course and there is a lot to learn in the month so I probably should have been prepared to work as hard as I did. The instructors were very friendly and reassuring and always happy to help when I was confused or overwhelmed. The cocktail selection was very varied, we were taught a lot of skills and introduced to new subjects and hobbies that have become a new - exciting part of my life."

– Fiona McLeod #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Emma Oxford

"The time I spent with EBS was the best I've had in a long time, great people and great vibes throughout the whole course."

– Emma Oxford #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Dmitrijs Usovs

"I enjoyed this course. i spent very good time there. BIG thanks."

– Dmitrijs Usovs #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Dave Tsouvallaris

"The course was brilliant from start to finish. Both the instructors and the material met the high standards I expected. Even the review system has made me chuckle lol Keep up the good work."

– Dave Tsouvallaris #EBSLondon

Advanced Flair Course (6 days)

Darrin Azzopardi

"Best course I have ever done in my life. 100% value for the money where, although I had already experience in the bar, I improved drastically in this month course. Thanks a lot to Mads, Robbie, Bali and Raf for being awesome teachers."

– Darrin Azzopardi #EBSAmsterdam

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Daphné Sirot

"Both the 4-week course and mixology course were great fun and interesting to learn about. Both courses have increased and broaden my knowledge about alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and how a bar is managed. =) =) =)"

– Daphné Sirot #EBSBarcelona

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Daniel Theoren

"I loved it at EBS. From the first day I felt like we formed our own little EBS family. Even though it's hard work at times, at the end you're happy you pulled through, because it's an amazing experience!"

– Daniel Theoren #EBSDublin

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Daniel Herold

"Spending one month in Kos with EBS was probably one of the smartest/most fun decisions I´ve ever made. You make so many new friends from all over the world and experience so many different and fun things together. You also learn a lot about bartending and you get a good certificate/diploma from the course. A lot of my "new" friends are now working all over the world as bartenders, whilst me myself hopefully will someday in the future. Cheers, Daniel Herold"

– Daniel Herold #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Cynthia Cattin

"I went in this country for the first time. I met so many people from everywhere and we got along all together very well. Our group had lot of love to share. The course is a high quality training. You can learn so much from your instructors in different fields. That's not easy but you will be proud of yourself when you will pass it. There is always a time to party after study."

– Cynthia Cattin #EBSBad Gastein Alps

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Claire Wilson

"Where do I even begin? The past month with EBS has been one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life! I came in rather ignorant to how high the level of training would be. I am amazed at the amount of knowledge and skill I have gained in one month! The support of the EBS family has been so overwhelmingly great. I have to give special mention to our instructor Adam, not only was he incredibly knowledgeable but he was also very supportive of all the students, and really made the overall experience great. I will highly recommend this course to anyone and choosing to do it has been one of the best choices I have made!"

– Claire Wilson #EBSManchester

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Chia Yun Li

"EBS is the most incredible course in the world. I met a lot of people who changed my life and led me to another crazy and beautiful world. I had so much fun with all of my friends. Thanks EBS for giving me this opportunity to enjoy my life and meet these amazing people!"

– Chia Yun Li #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Cesare Caporali

"What can I say...thanks to all...with these few words I want to say everything. You're magic ! Cesare"

– Cesare Caporali #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Bradley Crowl

"The course was well structured and supportive, giving all the information needed to make your own creations. The history of the cocktail that ran throughout the course was also incredibly interesting and being let loose on the bar at the end was a great way of consolidating what was learnt."

– Bradley Crowl #EBSLondon

Mixology Course (2 days)

Boyi  Guo

"Everything in here is just amazing so many new friends. great instructors, professional, patient and full of passion."

– Boyi Guo #EBSSydney

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Artan Islamaj

"Simply amazing: the things you learn, the people, everything! :)"

– Artan Islamaj #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Andrew Levitt

"This was an amazing course. I learned so much in 4 weeks and I met some incredible people and made some awesome friends. I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could!"

– Andrew Levitt #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Andreia Enache

"I've been doing the course in Oslo where I've met great people. The instructors of the school were awesome, dedicated, professional and helpful. I would recommend it to everyone who would like to take their bartender skills to another level."

– Andreia Enache #EBSOslo

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Ammber-Louise Hulm

"Time of my life. Met friends for life! EBS really is intense, if you don't study or practice you will fail, but it is so worth it! The course is so rewarding, you learn so much and you're meeting amazing people at the same time! Not just fellow students, but your instructors and occasionally ex-students or EBS care members. They also plan great events for you where you can just go out and let loose after studying hard. Honestly the hardest part about the course is leaving, this is a must do if you are interested in bar tending! Hard work, spirit & soul."

– Ammber-Louise Hulm #EBSPhuket

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Alistair marks

"You have given me an experience I will never forget. EBS Kos went above and beyond my expectations and I could not recommend it highly enough to anybody. I've made mates from lots of different backgrounds and cultures and feel privileged by the fact I have done. Something I will never forget and will look back on with great fondness. Thank you."

– Alistair marks #EBSKos

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Alfredo Nayim El Fahir Couceiro

"Hello! I finished the course last Friday and was better than i thought. I learnt a lot and the people its fantastic . I did not want to finish, the relation with EBS here I would love to travel and work in different type of positions - I am from Spain and i want to become a professional bartender."

– Alfredo Nayim El Fahir Couceiro #EBSLondon

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Alejandro Jaramillo Portela

"At the beginning I thought I wouldn't be able to make cocktails in a short time like 4 weeks, but after the course I have seen my skills and knowledge going up. Thank you EBS."

– Alejandro Jaramillo Portela #EBSNew York

International Bartender Course (4 weeks)

Afzaal Ahmed

"The course was great fun and I learnt a lot. The structure and teaching style of the course were very student friendly. The knowledge of the instructor Johannes was incredible he also had a super friendly manner. The small group was perfect and the group had some amazing personalities. "

– Afzaal Ahmed #EBSStockholm

Instructor Academy (3 weeks)