Chances are you have worked in the service industry at one point in your life, as the biggest part of our population has. And if you did, you know that in a hospitality environment, the most sought after job is by far the one the bartender holds. Having worked in a beachclub myself, I can attest to that. The bartender always just seemed to have it all.

And while the tips were shared with all the staff, they were the guys who essentially collected the tips for everyone else. Tending bar simply was the position everyone aspired to hold as the money is best and between barbacking, collecting glasses waitresses, it almost didn’t feel like a job. Here’s 10 reasons why bartenders are smarter than you and I. Hint: yes they are closest to the booze, but that’s not the only reason they are simply better at life than you and I:

1) They know all the coolest tricks


Burn baby, burn! From flairing to any other bar trick you can imagine, a seasoned bartender knows them all. Don’t try them at home and don’t let your “friends” light you up unless you want to get seriously burnt.

2) Money talks, bulls*** walks


All about the Benjamins! If you are working with a goodlooking colleague on friday and a zombie on saturday, you will feel the difference when it’s time to receive your share of the tips collected. Especially bartenders in high-end hotel bars rake in serious tipping money.

3) Sleeping in late isn’t “special”, it’s part of the job


“I don’t do Snooze buttons”

4) They can make really good cocktails

good cocktails

Bartenders know their stuff when it comes to drinks. And you will find that many of them, even though they know the most complicated and tastiest cocktails, prefer high-end scotch or other premium liquors that have a unique taste of their own. Good bartenders are always looking out for their spoiled and exquisite taste buds.

5) It’s their job to party late


…what the shirt says. Bartenders party hard and late, and when your alarm clock goes off, it is not uncommon for a bartender to just come home, or hit an after-party in some secret DJ hideout that every big city seems to have. There are worse job descriptions, plus bartenders are extremely well connected in the night life, so if you are dating one, be ready to appear on the guestlist forever.

6) Their desktop is not like your desktop


I know right?! “Step into my office” gets a whole new meaning when the bartender card is played. And since bartenders are considered brand ambassadors, it is not uncommon to be invited to product presentations, masterclasses and other goodie-ridden events that big brands organize to pamper you, the bartender!

7) Their office is not like your office


No cubicles, no photocopiers, and if anyone gets out of line, you have a small army of gorilla’s on hand to make sure the perp finds the door really quick. Having your own bouncer is awesome!

8) There is little- to no dresscode


While this bartender seems to be seriously challenged when it comes to wardrobe management, he does make an important point: Unless you are working in a high-end hotel, there is no such thing as a dresscode. Hell, you ARE the dresscode. What you wear is automatically cool. Fuzzy lumpkins outfit or not…

9) With flexible schedules, epic holidays are within arms length


10) With the ability to work anywhere in the world, nothing keeps you from leaving for another continent

Next stop – Doha, Qatar? Being an accomplished bartender means being able to go anywhere in the world and getting a job in a weeks time. Because unlike Tax accountants or Renewable energy consultants, bartenders are in global demand, and their profession is universally applicable. All you need to do is pack your bags and open up to the possibility of working abroad.

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