This blog was written by Julian, one of our awesome employees who has spent several months with us at a variety of EBS locations. Julian’s currently helping out at EBS Kos, which is why he wrote up a report on the Calypso party boat. 

So without further ado- take it away, Julian: 

“How do bikinis, hunks, drinks, sun, sea, dancing, cliff jumping and games sound to you? That’s what we thought! EBS Kos is our biggest destination – yeah, actually it’s the world’s largest bartending center – so to meet the expectations from our precious customers – you guys – we’ve come up with some special events to make your time here even more memorable, The Calypso party boat being a point in case.”

kos cruiser

“So usually, at the height of the summer here in Kos, Greece, we take our weekly party to the sea on a boat named Calypso by the beginning of June.
Unfortunately, the Calypso caught fire last year, causing extensive damage requiring a rebuild. But, like a phoenix rising from its ashes, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t have to be thaaaat bad. The Calypso 2.0 not just seems bigger, but also features a complete bar station and a mobile DJ-spot. So it’s possible for the DJ to move anywhere from the bow to the deck where people are dancing. The total capacity of the boat hovers around 200 party people – so while we cruise around the island, you’ll have an awesome time.”

“The route we usually take is 4 hours, and as soon as the Calypso leaves the harbour, it’s greenlights for the music to be cranked up from 2 huge speaker systems. One inside near the bar and one on the upper deck, making sure that everyone outside in the sun feels like showing some dance moves and jumping around. Our first stop takes you to the cliffs where you might need some psychological preparation for things to come. Cliff diving doesn’t come easy to most, so most passengers spend some time throwing others off the boat, before they find the courage to climb the cliffs and dive into the deep. There’s space to work your tan too, if you feel you’re too old to jump of 7 meters into the void”

group party

Joshua, 21, from Australia

“The party boat was even more exciting that I’d though it would be. Last Friday was tough, We all had a tough last night but after we were out of Kos harbor, sitting in the sun and the DJ started the music, all that hangover feeling was gone. The fresh air, the sun, and the happy people – it’s crazy.”

Joshua is a student of the May 2014 course in Kos, coming all the way from the other side of the world with his ‘mate’ Billy. The Aussie duo wants to travel Europe, before finding a bartending job in Canada for a season of snowboarding, which is why they came to the European Bartender School.

Mind you, this is exactly the kind of lifestyle we encourage our students to dive into – 1) do the course with EBS, 2) get those bartending skills, and 3) work anywhere in the world!

Back to the Calypso, there’s usually some other party boats joining in the lagoon where we stop, giving the whole cruise a nice sense of community, and when you’re jumping off the bow, it’s not uncommon to meet people from the other boats down below. Some boats are just as cool as the Calypso while others are filled with middle-aged sightseers who can’t wait for their captain to move on.

Annette from Holland:

“It was so funny to see the facial expressions from some of the young people on the other boats when we were dancing and jumping from the Calypso. We tried to invite them over but only a few dared to climb aboard.”


“The last stop for our Calypso cruise is yet another beautiful bay. One of the guys who runs a successful club in Kos city came along for the ride and started offering prizes to the best jumpers out there, urging a lot of guys to give it their best shot. Ultimately a girl three years of diving experience kicked their asses, and did the most acrobatic stunts that day. A clear win for the girls this time! And while some admired the spectacle, others spent most of their time sunbathing or working those tans on the dance floor with a cool drink.”