6 Reasons to Find Bar Work Abroad

(Feel free to use this blog to explain why you have suddenly found bar work abroad and you’re about to jet off to some sun-kissed island to your parents or beloved other)  

1. Mojitos don’t buy themselves

Mojito woman drink sun straw

Let’s face it, travelling the world is expensive, if it was free we’d all be doing it. So unless you’re very well off, you’re going to need some form of income, Mojitos don’t buy themselves. As a backpacker, you’ll have to constantly keep your spending pattern in check which can prevent you from making the most of your experience. Sleeping in a new place every night is costly, and it is very annoying when a half-naked, drunk tourist stumbles into your hostel room at 6 am.

If you find bar work abroad, you’ll be able to rent a place (drunken-tourist-free) for less money and it’ll have much better facilities. Getting bar work abroad will allow you to have all of the Mojitos your heart desires and save up money. Unlike a backpacker who will head home empty handed.

2. Trees don’t tip

Bartender happy customer tips

As far as professions go, bartending is something that you can do virtually anywhere in the world, it’s hard to beat. Many bartenders are able to live day to day off just their tips, this means they are able to put something away every month. Backpackers can argue that they can go fruit-picking almost unannounced in certain countries, but trees don’t tip, and as a bartender you don’t have to worry about snakes or spiders crawling up your legs. Landing bar work abroad is your best bet.

3. Don’t be a tourist – be a local

Tourism local travel live

Living somewhere as opposed to just passing through means you will develop meaningful and often, long-lasting relationships with people, especially if you’re working in a social hub like a bar. You’ll develop an international network of friends who you can rely during your time abroad, and for years to come.

Your neighbours might offer you a ride to work or the locals in your bar might take you to an underground party. You never know, your bar work abroad might lead you to find the love of your life! (disclaimer: people appear more beautiful after Tequila).

4. All that scrimping and saving, for what?

Save money win travel

In order to begin any sort of travelling adventure, you need to save up for a few months beforehand and make sacrifices. This is why we think you’d like to spend longer than just a few weeks away from home like a backpacker usually does.

This is where being an EBS graduate of our International Bartender Course comes in handy. You can go and find bar work abroad knowing you have the skills, knowledge, and the certificate to prove that you can step behind any bar and feel confident.

As a bartender working abroad, you decide where in the world and more importantly for how long you want to travel. So after you’ve spent a few months working at a bar in Barcelona, you can jump on a flight and go on to the next adventure with money in your pocket – it’s a win, win!

5. Instant noodles and out-of-tune guitars

Guitar street music artist travel

As a backpacker, you’ll find yourself living on a shoestring budget a lot of the time. Sure, it’s fun at first, but then you’ll suddenly realise that you’re constantly eating instant noodles which isn’t normal nor healthy. Whereas, if you’re working abroad you’ll slowly but surely find out where they serve up the best cuisine and it’ll be a fraction of the price of the grub in a tourist trap.

Furthermore, working as a bartender abroad is a much better investment of your time as you’ll continuously pick up new skills, that’s the nature of the profession. On the other hand, the average backpacker will spend their time watching someone play “Wonderwall” on an acoustic guitar and then have to chase cockroaches out of their hostel. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

6. Get to know your country

Discover city travel history

Once you step away from the backpacking scene and mingle with the locals, you’ll find the cultural identity of the country you’re visiting. In comparison, backpackers usually end up hanging around tourist zones that are detached from the country’s true way of life.

Shortcomings of your own culture and those of your host country will really make you think and become fascinating conversation starters. Getting bar work abroad will throw up new challenges on a daily basis which will ultimately make you grow on a personal level more than you could ever imagine.

It’s clear to see that bar work abroad will provide you with ten times more experiences than backpacking ever can. So what’s stopping you? Take a look at our worldwide selection of destinations and our International Bartender Course to kickstart your journey.