How many ingredients does it take to make a Commonwealth cocktail?

In 2014, records were broken as one man made a 71 (yes, 71!)-ingredient cocktail sourced from the nations of the Commonwealth! Mal Spence, a Glasgow mixologist put together this record-breaking cocktail in celebration of the XX Commonwealth Games (the third-largest multi-sporting event in the world).

Mal researched over 300 ingredients to find the quintessential recipe for the Commonwealth Cocktail. It resulted in 71 ingredients from the Zambian sorrel, Canadian logan berries, Sri Lankan ripe jackfruit, wild Scottish strawberries, Jamaican okra, and New Zealand’s Manuka honey.

While making this drink would be a mammoth task in itself, in his Kelvingrove Café he gave 71 lucky customers the chance to enjoy the unique flavour of this Scotch-based drink. That’s 71 ingredients for 71 people- is he crazy?!

Here’s what they thought:

If you’re wondering what it takes to make the Commonwealth Cocktail, check out the full list of ingredients. How many do you know?