There’s something about the sunshine that brings a smile to our faces. It’s the perfect excuse to catch up with friends, chill out and cool down over some refreshing cocktails!

The perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work or to start the weekend is with a cool drink and good company. After all, if there’s one thing you need in the scorching heat, it’s a refreshing summer drink.

Always the first for trends, Instagram is the go-to place to see what the drink du jour has been this summer, with some surprising results.

Summer Hits

Toasting with Champagne

Using data from Instagram, the latest Summer Drinks Report, commissioned by Celebrity Cruises has uncovered some interesting truths about global drink trends over the past few weeks.

Despite the popularity of prosecco, it is in fact champagne that remains the number one drink worldwide. Interestingly, France was beaten by USA, UK and Australia, in terms of its posting popularity.

Proving that good taste never goes out of fashion, there were over 618,161 posts of bubbly photos over the summer months. As an all-year round drink, champagne is often featured at the top of Instagram’s drinks lists. What’s more surprising is the drinks that peak during the summer months….

For 2018, this has been the orangey-red delight of Aperol Spritz, which has seen a 154% increase in popularity. As such “Aperol Spritz can also make a strong claim as the world’s drink of the summer” claims the report. This easy summer drink is a favourite in Italy has enjoyed somewhat of a comeback over the past few years thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign by its owner Campari.

The Right Spirit

Beating vodka and gin, the most celebrated spirit this summer has in fact been whisky.

The full list of Instagrammed Summer Drinks is below:

  1. Champagne – 618,151 posts
  2. Whisky – 454,258 posts
  3. Craft Beer – 453,920 posts
  4. Tequila – 240,879 posts
  5. Prosecco – 152,195 posts
  6. Margaritas – 149,182 posts
  7. Martinis – 111,548 posts
  8. Sangria – 97,278 posts
  9. Aperol Spritz – 90,796 posts
  10. Mojitos – 88,235 posts

No longer the poor friend of white wine, rosé wine is finally being taken seriously too, proven by its popularity in leading wine-producing countries, USA and Australia where it has been photographed the most.

European Top Tippes

Fun summer drinks have been popular across Europe, with bubbles taking centre stage. Champagne, prosecco and Aperol Spritz are our top three favourite drinks according to the report.

It also found that national drinks were a hit in their respective countries. Guinness was most photographed in Ireland, Sangria in Spain and Ouzo in Greece!

In the UK, we also lived up to stereotypes, with whisky coming out top in Scotland and Northern Ireland, ale leading in northern cities such as Leeds and Sheffield and champagne enjoyed most in the capital.

But we still can’t get enough of prosecco, with the sparkling drink taking the number one spot as the most instagrammed drink in our country.

Beer Today

Toasting with Beers

Always a popular choice the world over, beer continues to hold a strong position. Craft beer has been dominating Europe, particularly in Northern countries such as Iceland, Denmark and Sweden. While in USA, states that have home-grown beer such as California, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, boast beer as their number one photographed drink too.

Another emerging American trend is the rise in tequila drinking, most popular in Texas and Iowa.

Finally, if you’re looking for a destination to visit with the best classic holiday cocktails on the menu, look no further than Hawaii. These archipelago islands know how to have a good time with Mai Tai cocktails as the most instagrammed drink in their country.

So now you know what to order when the sun goes down.