Cocktails have become a pub and bar staple across the UK. What better way to enjoy these luscious concoctions than by celebrating their very existence at one of these UK based cocktail festivals? Take a look at these leading annual cocktail events in the UK.

Cocktails in the City: April – November 2018

Cocktails in the City is one of the world’s leading cocktail events. Touring cities across the UK over a seventh month period, this ticketed event invites guests to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading bartenders, partake in interactive cocktail classes and of course try plenty of highly original, top quality cocktails. Held at ultra-trendy venues, city stops include London, Edinburgh, Leeds – and if you feel like following the festival overseas, there’s even a one day stop in Los Angeles, USA.

Loves Cocktails: Northern England: April – September 2018

The cocktail trend has clearly branched out beyond the pricey London bar scene and spread nationwide. There’s no greater evidence of this than Loves Cocktails, a celebration of the drinks and the fabulous bars you can order them in across various northern cities. This year the lucky cities are Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. In each city the Loves Cocktails festival lasts for an entire week and offers a special discounted cocktail menu and cocktail themed classes at each city’s most fashionable bars.

Portsmouth Cocktail Festival: April 2019

Enjoy your favourite cocktails in this historic port town. In April this year, Portsmouth hosted its first ever cocktail party and is expected to return in 2019. Revellers were invited to sample a plethora of creations – from classic cocktails such as cosmopolitans and bloody Mary’s to quirky concoctions that are entirely unique to the event. Held at the Portsmouth Guildhall, guests are welcome to enjoy cocktails from dozens of vendors as well as explore food stalls and watch performances that range from local jazz bands to a burlesque showcase.

Cheltenham Cocktail Week: April 2019

Cheltenham isn’t just for the races – it’s also an ultra-swanky town that is home to some gorgeous cocktail bars. Every April various Cheltenham bars partake in the town’s official Cocktail Week, which includes discounted specials, mixology classes and cocktail seminars. There are also opening and closing parties sponsored by major booze brands – so expect to spot a few famous faces at these highly sought after events.

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