My name is Nadja, and I’m a 21-year-old bartender from Turku, Finland. I work in an exclusive nightclub called the Showroom, in the heart of Turku. The Showroom is known for its historical setting. The architecture upstairs is breathtaking, highlighted with modern interior. Downstairs you can find a vault like basement with arches made from bricks, perfect for intimate night outs. The atmosphere is young and classy, with a hint of decadence. In the Showroom you can find all types of people – sophisticated businessmen drinking Whisky Sours, young party animals with their Jägerbombs andposhladies sipping Bellinis.

my name is Nadja

I work as a bartender because it’s downright awesome. I like to challenge myself – and what would be a better way to do that than working in a crowded nightclub filled with demanding customers wanting exciting cocktails at this very second? There is never a dull moment if you work as a bartender. Each shift is unique with different customers with different needs. One night I’m hanging from a beer draught serving poor students cheap beer, and the next night I’m popping expensive Champagne bottles in a fancy business event. On Halloween I’m a pirate circling through the crowd selling blood-shots, and the following night I’m shaking Cosmos and layering B52s.

This job doesn’t leave you wondering whether your customers are satisfied or not. The feedback comes instantly, either inthe form of drunken harsh words or handsome tips. Money is always a good motivator, and the bar work is relatively well paid in Finland, due to the night additions. Working during the night has other benefits, too. The daytime is free for other activities, and everybody is happy if I don’t have to wake up early feeling grumpy!

The skills I learned at EBS Phuketgave me the confidence I needed to apply at the Showroom, and my profession seems to be a never-ending story – I’m constantly learning more from the talented people around me. I’ve even had the courage to compete in cocktail-competitions, which I didn’t think I would do even in my wildest dreams! It really is true that when you’ve found a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life!


I consider myself very lucky– I’ve had the luxury of being surrounded by amazing workmates. We are a team, and everyone supports each other. Somebody always brings candy for us girls upstairs andthe DJ plays our favorite songs. If a creepy customer ever lays hands on me, our bouncers are happy to play the role of overprotective boyfriends for the night. Our Saturday night shift always ends with us having breakfast at the local gas station. No matter how hard the night has been, we always have a good laugh when we share our experiences. Somehow, even at those times of desperation when you’retrying to get the bouncers attention because you see a butt-naked customer hanging from the chandelier, and at the same time try to sell warm cider from a bucket because you have run out of beer and the last clean glass has just exploded into ice cubes, the moment becomes funny when you share it with your workmates. We all get through the tough nights together, with a smile on our faces.

The world is a bartender’s oyster. There is no such thing as an unemployed bartender, if you are an open-minded and a dedicated person. Bartending is truly an international occupation at its best. That’s what I love about bartending – it gives you the opportunity to work anywhere in the world and live your life to the fullest!

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