If you’ve ever worked as a bartender, you know how much influence the profession has upon your day-to-day life. You start to see and act differently due to your experiences behind the bar. The seven statements below should sound familiar to you if you’ve ever worked in a bar:

1. Long-pour just about every liquid in the house

bartender long pouring

As a bartender, you make the most of any opportunity to show off your long-pouring skills, even if there’s nobody around. Take a Tuesday morning as an example: you grab the milk, jump onto a chair, and pour it onto your cereal, without spilling a drop. Some seasoned bartenders might even practise their Blue Blazer routine with their morning coffee. Once you’ve learnt the art of pouring liquid from great heights, it’s impossible to not practise it outside of the bar.

2. Juggle with the shampoo, fruit, and house keys

When we say juggle, we are actually referring to flair bartending. Flair bartending is the art of a bartender entertaining their guests by using the tools and ingredients they find behind the bar. The more time you spend behind the bar, the more you’ll subconsciously begin to practise flair with the things you find in your house.

3. No longer order the cheapest drinks or spirits to save cash

bartender bottle pouring

If you work with top quality spirits and craft delicious cocktails on a daily basis, you’ll never want to settle for house spirits and cheap mixers ever again. Our International Bartender Course teaches you just how important alcohol quality is when creating awesome cocktails. You’ll not only learn how to make a range of drinks, you’ll learn the ratios, building techniques, and which garnish matches your drink the best. After our course, you’ll have a bartender’s mentality, so that cheap whiskey with a splash of coke won’t look as appealing as before.

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4. Feel sorry for the bar staff on every night out

Remember the days before you were a bartender, when you’d stand in a crowd waiting to be served and one of these phrases crossed your mind, or lips; “she’s serving everyone before me”, “how long do I have to wait to get served?”, “he’s ignoring me on purpose!”

Now that you’ve stood on the other side of the bar, your opinion has changed. You now find yourself thinking or saying the following on a night out “she’s rushed off her feet”, “he’s serving as fast as he can”, “let’s put in extra money for a tip”.

5. Judge your drink and everyone else’s around you

As a bartender, you silently judge every cocktail you see and think of how the drink could be improved; “there is too much sugar in this Mojito” and “he really didn’t shake that properly”. Fear not though, the more you drink, the less you’ll notice the imbalance of Tequila to lime juice in your Margarita.

6. Calculate the bill faster than the till

Whether you’re a seasoned bartender or new to the profession, you’ll notice that you don’t need to look at the till to know how much change to give; you’ll work it out in your head. Seriously, your mental-math improves quicker working behind the bar than it ever did sitting behind a desk at school.

7. Realise that becoming a bartender was the best decision you ever made

bartender presenting cocktail

Name another job where you can wake up late, chat to new people every day, listen to the newest music and have free drinks after work?

Being a bartender means your confidence will improve, you’ll earn decent money and make lasting memories. If you’re reading this and you’re not a bartender already, maybe you can see how bartending could be great career option for you.

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