European Bartender School has released their new and improved recruitment platform this week with the goal of offering free job advertisements to a growing hospitality and tourism industry who are looking to hire bartenders, as well as further continuing their graduates’ bartending journey.

According to Deloitte, travel and hospitality consumers demand more and more authenticity in their experiences. This can be seen in trends such as craft beer, which has boomed in the last 10 years, and much higher demand for locally sourced food and drinks.

This also increases the requirements for hotels and restaurants who need to make sure their cocktail game is on fleek!

Take a look at Generator Hostel, which recently launched 14 new bars across their 14 property portfolio in order to shake up the Hostel market and offer a valid competition to a growing demand for culinary travel.

With the labour market within hospitality on the rise, we see a need create a bridge between people with the right skills and the venues looking for them

Says Stine Sidelmann, project leader for EBS MatchStaff. She continued to inform us that,

European Bartender School has been educating bartenders on a global scale for years and the positive feedback we get from the venues who recruit our graduates has been overwhelming. Therefore we wanted to upgrade our old system and replace it with something which would make it faster and more cost efficient to recruit bar staff.” 

By offering the hospitality industry a free platform to recruit bar staff; EBS MatchStaff is looking to put bartending on the map as a serious career choice with worldwide opportunities and to help those in the industry who seek mentoring and want to grow throughout their career.

Trends like craft beer and culinary travel are not the only driving factors behind a raise in bartender demand.

Times are ever changing, be it due to political decisions or market trends.

Keith Edwards, Chief People & Development Officer at Soho House recently said in an article for Hospitality Net

“At Soho House, in the weeks and months since the Brexit referendum, we have noticed it becoming harder and more expensive to recruit and we expect that trend to continue…”

To meet the growing demand for skilled bar staff, EBS MatchStaff aims to make it easier and more affordable for larger hospitality groups as well as smaller venues to find solutions to their staffing needs and hire bartenders, both locally, and globally.

So what is EBS Matchstaff?

For those new to this platform, it’s a platform which offers venues who are looking for bar staff a niche recruitment solution on a global scale.

Only EBS graduates have access to the platform as it stands now, to secure the level of education and quality that venues get when they hire a candidate via EBS MatchStaff.

Thousands of graduates have found work all over the world via EBS MatchStaff so far,  and in a recent survey EBS discovered that over 70% of graduates who found work via EBS MatchStaff would continue to use the platform throughout their career, and 90% said that they were likely to use the platform again in the future.