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EBS – the leading bartender school

European Bartender School is the largest and most professional bartending school in the world. We are dedicated to provide top quality bartenders to venues all across the globe.

For over 16 years we have trained over 50,000 people for bar jobs everywhere. Our long experience with these satisfied, qualified students make EBS not just the world’s largest bartending school, but the world’s best. The European Bartender School is a unique opportunity for those who want to build an exciting career, meet new people and have fun in a unique and fun-filled environment.

Our Bar Schools

European Bartender Schools are located in some of the world’s best cities. You can take your bartender course anywhere as the EBS education is exactly the same everywhere in the world. From the beautiful islands of Phuket or Kos, fast living London or stunning Sydney, the choice is simply – yours.

If you are looking for a bar training school then look no further, read about our education, then take a look at our schools, you are bound to find a location to suit you.


EBS in your language

Are you looking for an EBS course in English?

You can study in English in the following schools:

EBS Amsterdam EBS Copenhagen EBS London
EBS Milan EBS Phuket EBS Sydney
EBS Bad Gastein EBS Dublin EBS Mallorca
EBS New York EBS St. Martin EBS Sunny Beach
EBS Barcelona EBS Kos EBS Manchester
EBS Oslo EBS Stockholm EBS Paris
EBS Berlin EBS Las Vegas EBS Miami
EBS Madrid


Almost all of our destinations are available in English. However if you’re looking to become an awesome bartender and improve another language at the same time then consider taking the course in a language other than English! We only recommend this if you already have a Professional Working Proficiency in the other foreign language. Unsure of what to do? Just ask EBS CARE and we’ll take you through the options and help you to decide on a destination that suits you best.

Our Schools

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