What we're about

Producing the world’s best bartenders isn’t easy work. But our dedicated team has been making this possible since 1999. With 25+ schools across 5 continents, in these years, we’ve trained up 80,000 students who have gone on to do marvellous things. 

So, how do we keep fuelling success? For starters, we maintain a positive, vibrant working environment where everyone knows everyone. Our two-level, open-plan office with a terrace, chill area, and in-house music system is designed to maximise creativity. Did we mention we’re based in beautiful Barcelona?

You’ll fit in here if you’re passionate about helping others satisfy their wanderlust, forge lifelong bonds, and better themselves both personally and professionally.

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What can EBS offer you?

We offer flexi-hours and remote work possibilities.

Employees receive this magical green card and can choose to spend their stipend on food, transport, health insurance, childcare, and much more.

Our employees’ well-being is very important to us so we’ve introduced Mental Health Days for times when you need to take some moments to yourself.

Having schools all over the globe is a great opportunity reason to travel and meet the rest of the EBS family. In the past, we’ve been to Mallorca, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome…

Want to work or holiday at one of our exciting destinations? Book your trip and we’ll provide the accommodation! And yes, you can bring a friend.

From galas to go-karting, we love a gathering. We frequently hold celebrations in our very own office!

We start the week by sharing a mouth-watering platter of delicious snacks so there’s no need to bring your Tupperware. We also receive weekly deliveries of fresh fruit.

We promise to remember your special days and gift you something better than socks. Plus, your birthday is a day off.

Our open-plan office has a terrace, siesta area, and ping pong table so you can take a mental break.

Want to polish your English or Spanish? No problem, we offer free weekly classes.

Pets are allowed in the office on Friday!

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Are you ready to advance your career?

You might just be the perfect candidate for one of our departments: IT, Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, Customer Service, Education, and Finance. Check out our vacancies below...

If you don't see the right position for you below, but still think you have the skills and experience to make a positive impact on our team, send your CV with a cover letter to hr.ebscare@barschool.net.

hard work spirit and soul

Our values

"Hard work, spirit & soul."

This is the EBS motto - you've probably seen it written on our t-shirts and bar equipment. But what does it mean? 

To put it simply, these are the ideals EBS strives to embody - be it in the Head Office or across our schools.

We believe in choosing to look on the bright side every day and inspiring others with our positivity. It's having a determined attitude and sticking to whatever we're doing until it's done. It's a commitment to improving ourselves and the things around us.


Come and work with us - we don't bite!

Our selection process varies depending on the role and level of seniority required.

Our typical hiring procedure goes as follows:
-Preliminary interview with HR
-Second interview with the relevant department manager
-Practical assessment
-Final interview in our offices

 Don’t worry about prepping for standardised logic or numerical intelligence tests, our assessments are designed to see how you would approach a day with us. We pride ourselves on keeping the process transparent and taking on talent purely based on merit.

Do a bit of research! We want to hear what you know about us and why that makes you believe you're a good fit. Don't be afraid to show what you can do. Be forthcoming about your achievements or experience - we like people with initiative and good communication skills. Don't be nervous! Our goal is to put you at ease and tell you about our rewarding mission. Just be you. And if you have any questions...fire away!

Our office is a bright, friendly place. It’s a comfortable space where you’ll be able to work to the best of your ability (and stop for the odd chat now and then). Of course, in true EBS style, we also have a fully equipped bar where we develop, film, and teach course content.