European Bartender School netiquette

Comment moderation guidelines

As a dynamic, sociable community, we openly invite you to contribute to our mission to transform individuals worldwide into exceptional bartenders. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation and provide their feedback in the comments section on EBS’ social media and other communication channels.


We are committed to sharing educational content - typically regarding the bartending industry, along with information about our schools and courses. We do so to initiate interaction with our audience or to receive feedback that can help us further enhance our programmes and services. However, we understand that not everyone will agree with everything expressed by EBS or other people participating in conversations. We encourage the diversity of opinions, as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner.


On EBS’ communication channels, it is forbidden to:

  • promote or offer products or services with a commercial interest 
  • impersonate other persons or communicate from accounts that are not the user's own
  • share one's own or other people’s personal information (e.g. email addresses, phone numbers, account passwords, etc.) 
  • behave in any way that goes against the Rule of Law and Human Rights and general human decency  

We reserve the right to moderate and/or remove comments on our website or social media channels if such comments:  

  • use language that is vulgar, aggressive, discriminatory, inflammatory, provocative, or propagandist
  • incite violence towards other users, groups of people, the EBS team or other stakeholders
  • have no relevance to EBS’ purpose or relation to the content commented

Violation of these EBS guidelines may result in limited access to our communication channels. 
If you would like to report a comment, please flag it as inappropriate (where such an option exists) or reach out to us via private message or email.


Thank you!

September 2022