students practise flair juggling with the London shard in the background

Why study bartending in London?

You can expect no less than a fervent passion for cocktail crafting from a city that went through a period of history named The Gin Craze (it’s no joke!). With its long, rich mixology history and inimitable elegance, London is known worldwide as one of the best cocktail scenes on the planet. Contemporary bartenders continue to carry the torch, pushing the boundaries of flavour combinations and drinks presentation - as is proven by the fact that this thriving city currently hosts an impressive 2 out of the top 10 World’s Best Bars, including #2 Tayēr + Elementary and #8 Connaught Bar.

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EBS London

The EBS London school

Our exclusive venue ensures that you get to spend far more hands-on hours behind the bar than at most other bartender schools in London - which mostly have to rent a nightclub or bar outside of open hours. The atmosphere and facilities at EBS London perfectly simulate a real bar, meaning that, upon graduating, you’ll feel 100% ready for the pressure of preparing drinks in front of a live audience. Our bartender school is close to Tower Bridge and just a five-minute walk from Bermondsey underground station.

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Instructors Charlotte

The Education Team

We take it upon ourselves to train our own trainers, ensuring that each instructor attends the rigorous EBS Instructor Academy in order to keep teaching standards high and teaching methods cohesive. When you take any EBS course, you can be certain that you’re learning the most up-to-date industry practices and receiving the highest quality education on the market.

The courses were conceived and are continually updated by the best bartenders in the industry - take Charlotte Voisey, our Board of Education member. Charlotte has won countless awards, such as UK Bartender of the Year, and is now Global Head of Ambassadors at William Grants & Sons. Find out more about Charlotte here.

Fully equipped facilities

Inside our London school, you’ll find different areas dedicated to specific parts of the course. There’s the live bar, the practice and masterclass areas, and even a chill area where you can relax between classes. Take a look…

St Christopher’s Inn


We’ll host you in St Christopher’s Inn, a two-minute walk from Greenwich Station (and the DLR train line) and a 30-minute commute to the school. This upmarket hostel is surrounded by many renowned British attractions: the Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark, and O2 Arena, to name a few. It’s a peaceful, historic area dotted with cafes and shops - perfect for roaming during your free afternoons. Home to a large university, you can feel the thriving student culture. With West Greenwich library a 2-minute walk away, you're sure to get motivated to memorise those recipes and ace your exams!

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

How do front row seats at the WFA Flair Competition sound? The best flair bartenders in the world unite in Ballie Ballerson to show off their magical flair skills to you. Sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed!

London is gigantic and so is its bartending scene. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you and show you the best spots in town. On the first Friday of the course, we’ll do a bar crawl through London's liveliest neighbourhoods so that you can get to know your EBS coursemates and the city.

This course is designed to prepare you to jump straight behind a live bar and serve like a pro. A great way to reach this level is by watching other pros - which is exactly what you'll do at the The Gibson, home to some of the most unique cocktails in the world. We'll also take you to Laki Kane Tiki Bar where you'll distill your very own rum!

We often organise fun activities like going to rooftop bars or garden parties , but London has a lot to offer. Grab a coursemate and have a go on the climbing wall next to the school and even explore Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland during the colder months.

End the month in style with the graduation party. Celebrate your achievements and raise a toast to your future careers. Dinner’s on us!

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