Student shaking behind bar

Get ready to work behind a bar

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the world’s leading bartender school…


  • Practical training designed to get you ready for work behind a bar
  • Courses in London, the kingdom of bartending
  • A globally recognised certificate when you graduate
Tom Dyer

A programme designed by the best in bartending

Tom Dyer, member of our Board of Education, is a two-time flair World Champion. He co-founded the prestigious World Flair Association and has won over 80 flair competitions himself. Tom runs a successful YouTube channel where he teaches the trickiest of moves and even sells his own bar equipment online. Tom is also Brand Ambassador for MOZERS and beasts bartender for Kraken Rum’s League of Darkness community.

Kick-start a successful career

Train in a real bar environment

Our schools are purpose-built and designed to simulate a real bar environment. This means you’ll be able to work as a bartender in London or anywhere abroad right after training – without having to adapt or relearn anything! This is why EBS training is unique, and it’s what makes our graduates stand out from the competition.

EBS London accommodation

Don’t live in London?

If you’re coming from another city, you can live with your coursemates in one of our handpicked accommodation options. And thanks to our deals, we can offer you a very affordable option during your stay.

Whether it’s an apartment or a hostel, when you stay with us you’ll get to live the ultimate EBS experience. 


Find work with MatchStaff

As an EBS graduate, you’ll get free lifelong access to EBS MatchStaff – a job platform that connects our students with hundreds of opportunities across the UK and all over the world.

“As two-time flair World Champion, I proudly stand behind our EBS graduates. They have an incredibly solid foundation and employers know this when they hire them. They receive an intensive 360° training, advancing them to a level that can take years to achieve in the bar. They hit the bar fresh, proud, skilled, and ready to adapt to their new environment - any bar owner knows this is a rare gem. Our students have a hunger to progress and regularly go on to work in world-class venues across the globe.” - Tom Dyer


Your certificate & educational guarantee

Once you pass your final exams, you'll be awarded an EBS certificate which is recognised and valued by employers all over the world.


For your peace of mind, you'll have the chance to add the educational guarantee to your booking which allows you to retake your course or your exams.

You've probably got some questions...

After you’ve graduated from your course, you will receive an internationally recognised European Bartender School certificate. You will receive the same standardised EBS certificate as all of your coursemates. No matter which school or language you choose to study in, your certificate will be the same.

Educational Guarantee

Don’t worry, it could just be that the nerves get the better of you on exam day - that’s normal. For this very reason, we created the educational guarantee. The educational guarantee allows you to repeat the entire course - within one year, in the same destination - if you fail your exams. You can purchase the educational guarantee as an add-on when you book your course.

The cost of accommodation isn’t covered by the educational guarantee. Individual exam retakes are not included in the educational guarantee.

Retake your exams

If you fail certain exams, you can contact EBS Care and they will provide you with the school’s email address so that you can arrange a time and date for your retake/s with the school. The school will give you all of the information.

As an EBS graduate of our International Bartender Course (4 weeks) and Advanced Bartending course (10 days), you have free access to EBS MatchStaff after the course and throughout the rest of your professional career.

EBS MatchStaff allows you to apply to job opportunities around the world. You'll be given access to EBS MatchStaff within about 7 days after graduating from your course. With your login details in hand, you can browse the latest selection of international hospitality positions, wherever you may be. EBS MatchStaff is filled with industry-leading venues waiting for talent like you!

Most EBS schools require you to be 18 years old by the time you start your course. However, there are a few exceptions…

  • At EBS Kos and EBS Phuket, you can take a course if you’re 17 years old, as long as you have written permission from your parent or guardian.
  • If you’re taking a course at EBS New York, you need to be 21 years old by the time the course starts, as this is the legal drinking age in the USA.
  • At EBS Miami, you can take the course if you’re 18 or over. However, the legal drinking age is still 21. So if you’re under 21, you won’t be able to join in with tastings or some of the school events.