It’s official, being vegan is currently in vogue. 

But don’t just take our word for it, research by Ipsos Mori found that veganism has increased by 350% in the UK alone over the past decade. Of the many reasons for this change is a shift towards ‘conscious consumption’, an awareness of the positive environmental impact and health implications associated with a diet rich in fruit and vegetables.

With a (quite literally) growing industry that caters towards a plant-based diet, there is no end to the substitutes and alternatives available. From ‘bleeding’ beetroot burgers to coconut-based ice-lollies. No longer does a choice to live without animal products mean just green leaves and apples!

Still need convincing? Then check out our ten favourite vegan cocktails, designed for every palate...

1. Cranberry Mojito Punch

summer drinks in mason jars

Punchy by name, punchy by nature, this zesty summertime mojito is packed full of vitamins B and C from the cranberry juice. Add a spoonful of sugar with some fresh sprigs of mint and muddle. Add a handful of frozen cranberries along with some lime juice. Stir and pour into a highball glass, fill ¾ of the way with cranberry juice, leaving enough space for some sparkling water and crushed ice on top. 

2. A Plum Gin Sting

The vegan-friendly Sweet Potato Plum Gin is bursting with flavour, echoing tones of plums and juniper for a unique and uplifting taste. Simply add to a glass of Prosecco for a bright and bubbly pick-me-up that’s sure to become your new go-to!

3. Hea-vegan-ly Mulled Wine!

christmas mulled wine

Perfect for a festive tipple, this traditional favourite includes organic red apples, juicy oranges and cloves chopped and heated up in a saucepan of aromatic red wine. Try a vegan approved bottle, such as Tourrela Bordeaux 2014.

4. Silver Rum Punch

Approved for a vegan diet, Bacardi Silver is a rum we’ve all grown up with. This classic cocktail never fails to impress with its fruity undertones from fresh orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime. All that’s left to add is grenadine and your favourite rum.

5. Tequila Mockingbird

rose spritzer

Way out west in Notting Hill, London, Farmacy Kitchen stands as a beacon in the vegan skyline, with its entirely plant-based menu. From its Alchemy Bar, its amusingly named Tequila Mockingbird cocktail is fully loaded with the spirit, as well as lime juice and pink Himalayan salt for a healthy kick.

6. Spiked Michelada

Beer has earnt its rightful place as part of the cocktail revolution. The light and refreshing Modelo beer from Mexico is the perfect basis for this drink, delicious and approved for a vegan diet. Using lime and salt cover the rim of a small tankard. Add ice along with one tablespoon of tequila and half the juice of a lime. Stir gently before finishing with Modelo beer and a slice of lime. Delicious! 

7. Rose and Lemon Spritzer

cocktail with rose petals

Pretty in pink but hearty in drink, this Rose and Lemon Spritzer is beautiful and delicious! Using rose water, lemon juice, vodka, honey, sparkling water and blood orange, it finally comes into its own when garnished with fresh edible flowers!

8. Vegan Baileys

If your vegan diet leaves you craving your favourite Irish whiskey and cream, fear not, there’s a great dairy-free alternative. Using a can of light and can of full-fat coconut milk as a substitute, whisk in a large pot with half a cup of Fairtrade brown sugar. Once boiled, simmer for 10 minutes, stirring throughout. Add ¾ cup of strong coffee and spike with a cup of Jameson Irish Whisky. There’s enough here to see you through the festive period!

9. Goldrush Sour

Taking inspiration from a totally vegan cocktail menu in East London restaurant Cub, this modern classic was first discovered at Milk and Honey in New York. Easy to make, it features just three ingredients; four roses bourbon, freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey syrup, best enjoyed on the rocks.

10.Vegan Vodka Shot

There’s many different ways to create your vodka shot. One of the simplest is to heat grape juice, sugar and agar powder along with a vegan friendly vodka and bring to the boil. Cool in cute little pots for a real crowd pleaser!

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