It’s not a surprise that vodka and lemon go well together. With the countless vodka lemon drinks out there, it’s definitely a flavour that is here to stay. A way to make your drink more refreshing this summer is by adding lemonade. With vodka as a neutral base and lemonade as the refreshing and citrusy counterpart, the cocktails they create together are easy to make and hard to beat.

History of Lemonade

It is said that the earliest evidence of lemonade is from around 500 A.D and it was invented by the Egyptians. They mixed sugar with lemon juice and named it qatarmizat. Nowadays, lemonade is a refreshing carbonated beverage that is enjoyed worldwide, and makes a great mixer for alcoholic drinks.

Why Lemonade?

Although lemonade is the perfect drink for a hot summer evening, there has been scientific research to find out why this acidic drink is so refreshing. Everybody knows that any cold fizzy drink is a great option on hot days, but lemonade is particularly popular and has been proven to refresh the salivary glands with its sour taste which relaxes them and quenches our thirst.

Therefore, lemonade and vodka create a great combination as the refreshing alcoholic pair. With lemonade as the stronger tasting ingredient, it can often be hard to know that your cocktail contains any vodka at all. Lemonade has no limits - with a number of flavours, variations such as cloudy lemonade and pink lemonade and an array of homemade recipes, it is a drink that is perfect to experiment with in cocktails. Make your own at home or buy a flavoured one in store!

1. All American Lemonade

All American Lemonade

This cocktail is simple, delicious and can be enjoyed alone or as a fishbowl with friends. It’s easy to create variations on this cocktail with flavoured vodka such as Tito’s Handmade Vodka Peach Infusion which will create a fruity summer twist on this delicious drink. Add a handful of mixed berries for a sweeter taste and a touch of colour to brighten up your cocktail!

Ingredients and measures:

4cl of Tito’s Handmade Vodka
Fill with lemonade
1 lemon slice

2. Pablo Honey

Tito's Pablo Honey

It’s great to experiment with cocktails, and Pablo Honey is definitely something to play around with. With its combination of sweet, gingery and citrusy flavours, this cocktail is cool and refreshing.

Ingredients and measures:

5cl of Tito’s Handmade Vodka
12cl of lemonade
9cl of unsweetened tea
3cl of ginger beer
2cl of honey liqueur

3. Tito’s Berry Good Punch

Tito's berry good punch

This cocktail is sure to make you very popular at any occasion or gathering. Serve this in a large pitcher and watch as people enjoy this flavoursome, refreshing punch. The mix of fruits and citruses help this to taste refreshing and sweet without being too tart. Create this simple recipe for a great evening!

Ingredients and measures:

24cl of Tito’s Handmade Vodka
6cl of Cointreau
24cl of pomegranate juice
24cl of sparkling water
12cl of lemonade
12cl of orange juice
1 - 2 dashes of cinnamon
2 cups of frozen berries

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