At EBS, I handle a lot of questions from Facebook and Twitter, and one question that pops up regularly is; “How do I know if EBS is right for me?”. I usually try to learn why they ask me, because some people are considering a different destination, where EBS doesn’t have a school, while others are not convinced an EBS course will really meet their needs as a bartender, as they are bartenders with some years of experience already.

Occasionally, I talk to students who are looking at a different organisation to become a bartender. They usually ask me what advantage a course with EBS has over the organisation they are looking at; “My friend went to X last year” or “I hear X is also very good”. First of all I really enjoy these talks as it allows me to see what people are looking at, and secondly, I think it is always a good thing to “shop around” when you are planning something as important as a bartender course. But let me make a case on why we are the best bartender school in the world below:

EBS is the largest bartending school in the world

Having been around for more than 14 years, EBS has gradually expanded school by school, always carefully maintaining the quality standards of our students and their skills. The result is always the same; highly-trained bartenders who are reluctant to leave us, and competent in all aspects of our loved profession.

A carefully developed course program

When we created the first EBS course, we laid down a foundation that we believe to be the best in the industry. The last 14 years we have continuously improved and tweaked the program wherever necessary. We think it is safe to say that the EBS bartending course has evolved into the most efficient 4-week bartender course in the world.

Internationally recognised certificate

ebs certificates

The EBS certificate is well-known in the industry and a valuable asset when you apply for that job where you outside certification is a given; bartending on a Caribbean cruiser, a traineeship at a hotel chain or high-end cocktail bars. An EBS certificate sets you apart from other candidates when you are hunting down that well-paid job. – Job assistance

All graduated EBS students receive exclusive access to, the most high-end bartending job pool with hundreds of exceptional bartending jobs worldwide – visit the website and try any city!

Accredited instructors

All EBS instructors have been carefully selected for their experience and skills. After this initial selection they are required to complete our in-house instructor academy. Note that many of our instructors are award-winning bartenders who are actively competing for world- and national championship titles.

ebs instructor

Over 40.000 graduated students and counting

When you’ve successfully trained over 40.000 students, it is safe to say you are doing something right. While we are in the bartending business, we also see that many of our students have really made friends for life. As an organisation, it is hard not to mention the amount of love we get from our ex-students, who will very often refer to their EBS course as one of the best things that has ever happened to them.

After-school activities at incredible destinations

No other bartender school has such a variety of destinations, allowing you to choose the course that matches best with your other interests. An EBS course is very much about having a great time too, and choosing the destination of your dreams will make your EBS experience even harder to ever forget.

EBS has some of the biggest industry partners

We are proudly recognised as the leading bartending school by a variety of brands and suppliers in the bartending industry. Our current partnerships with Bacardi, William Grant & Sons, Campari, Rose’s Cordial and many more, go beyond the usual exchange of products, as we train their employees and they invite you to selected events of theirs.

4-Week course

14 years of continuous course development has learned us that a 4-week course is the absolute minimum to create confident and skilled bartenders who can work anywhere right of the bat. A course promising you similar results in less time is not a serious bartending school.