EBS Brussels

What does Brussels bring you?

Nestled in the heart of Europe, it’s no wonder that Brussels boasts a combination of the continent’s best aspects: great gastronomy, notorious nightlife, and a whole lot of history.

To give you the best of both worlds - the capital’s cultural curiosities and the cocktail creativity currently unfolding in Antwerp - we have set up our school bang in the middle of Belgium’s top cities.

Picturesque Mechelen, named by the Financial Times as one of the Top 10 Micro European Cities of the Future, is just a 20-minute train trip from each. It’s the ideal place to feed your soul with comfort foods like French fries and waffles, or knock back one of 2000 national beers like a true local. Music is life in Belgium - just look at the infamous Tomorrowland, the mother of all techno festivals - so you will no doubt find yourself bouncing to beats in top-notch clubs after class.

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The Brussels School

The school is centrally located and just a 5-minute cycle from 2 major train stations. What makes the site unique is its setting in a 19th-century chapel, where you can get familiar with spirits (in all senses!) and worship the art of mixology. The newly renovated chapel has 3 floors: the Live Bar, training stations, and a flair/free pour level. There is a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your freshly learned concoctions and look out over the neighbouring park. The hallowed building even houses the high-end restaurant TheChick and the speakeasy/wine bar TheCellar for when you’re off duty.

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At EBS Brussels, you can roll out of bed and into class as the accommodation is but a stone’s throw from the chapel. Mechelen is the perfect size for exploring on foot - stroll the streets to check out the nearby restaurants and breweries, and within 20 minutes you can get back to camp to put your feet up and chill. We recommend checking out the weekly market at Grote Markt, St Rumbold’s cathedral, and walking along the Dijlepad. On lazier days, you can catch bus number 1 that stops right outside the apartment door and will zip you up to the train station in no time. 

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

Start the adventure with some delicious pastries, socialise with your future best friends, and have a tour of the school.

Enjoy an exclusive tasting of Het Anker Brewery’s 13 distinctive "Goudel Carolus" beers or visit the world-famous DUVEL Brewery.

Let's get spirit-ual! Go behind the scenes at Filliers or Dada Chapel... Probably the most hands-on way to put your EBS Masterclasses into practice!

Let's go pub-crawling in Brussels, Antwerp, or Ghent. Get a pre-opening masterclass from experienced bartenders as they go into detail about their refined cocktail menus. Learn about absinthe at the Absinth Bar or try lambic and gueuze beer. We know where to go!

You can't have a speakeasy wine bar hidden under the school and not have a cheese & wine night! We'll taste some lesser-known grapes and pair them with the most delightful cheeses from cheese master Schockaert.

It’s time to go head-to-head with your fellow students in this classic party game. Find out who has the best aim (and the worst fighting talk!)

Did you know Mechelen holds 5th place in the world ranking of escape rooms? Oh yeah, and we've got 6 of them.

Teleport to Polynesia as you taste some classic Tiki cocktails served in traditional carved glasses. Ever heard of Smuggler's Cove? Let's change that!

From guest speakers or extra flairing workshops, to industry fairs or festivals... We're always adding fun stuff to the calendar so it doesn't matter which month you book your course for.

Welcome to the EBS family. Celebrate your time together with a night of food, fun, and cocktails.

Courses in Brussels

International Bartender Course

This globally-recognised bartender course is famous for training high-quality bartenders through unique teaching techniques and unforgettable experiences.

4 weeks
English French Dutch
Basic Bartender Course

Fast-track your way into the bartending industry with 1 week of hands-on training.

Mixology Course

Learn to create your own infusions, syrups, and craft cocktails using advanced techniques.