Whiskey is no longer just for your Grandad. Once widely marketed and perceived as a strong spirit for the older generations, it has been reinvented as a fashionable and diverse booze loved by all generations.

There are now whisky tours available across the UK, and also an influx of trendy whiskey specific bars in London. Next time you’re in town we recommend you consider one of these popular London whiskey bars:

Boisdale of Canary Wharf

Found in the hub of London’s financial district, Boisdale of Canary Wharf is a traditional Scottish restaurant that naturally boasts an extensive whisky collection. In addition to its live music, oyster bar and cigar lounge, Boisdale also features the aptly named ‘The Whisky Bar’ which can be found on the restaurant’s second floor. It is a 12-metre-long bar purely dedicated to the spirt – and holds over 1,000 bottles of malt whisky.

Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room

In the heart of Paddington you’ll find one of London’s most unique whisky settings, Salt Whisky Bar and Dining Room features an extensive whisky bar set within an award-winning Indian and shisha restaurant. This bar offers over 200 whiskies and is set in a lively, friendly ambiance, perfect for the start of a big night out. And in terms of the actual whiskies available, expect plenty of traditional Scottish malts as well as more exotic blends such as Japanese, Canadian and Indian whiskies on the menu.

Soho Whisky Club

A nightlife trend quite unique to the London scene is the members club. And there is now a member’s club exclusively available to whisky lovers – Soho Whisky Club. Discreetly tucked away above The Vintage House Whisky Shop in Soho, Soho Whisky Club boasts over 700 whiskies available by the dram. Members are allowed to bring guests, and monthly whiskey tastings are held by international whiskey experts. And just so you know, they’re currently accepting new members.

The Connaught

The Connaught is one of London’s poshest hotels, so it’s really no surprise that it’s bar has won multiple awards, including best bar in the world. This swish, ultra-luxe bar also features a huge whisky offering that even includes its own creation, the Dalmore Connaught Cask whisky. What’s more, The Connaught Bar regularly hosts whisky concept tasting sessions, where guests are invited to sample some of the finest whiskies known to man, each accompanied by a luxury chocolate.

Merchant House of Fleet Street

Just a stone’s throw away from St Paul’s Cathedral is Merchant House of Fleet Street, an upmarket bar dedicated to Scotch whisky. Home to some 500 whiskies, with the majority from either Scotland or Ireland, this cosy yet refined bar is a popular spot for after work drinks with city workers. Merchant House also hosts a Scotch Whisky Masterclass where you won’t just get to sample some truly delightful malts but also discover the rich history behind whisky and its popularity.

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