Finding the best bartender kit can be a long, eye-straining exercise. Scrolling through an endless array of bartending sets online to become none the wiser is super frustrating.

Wouldn't it be great if it was all in one place and recommended by an actual bartending company (like us)?

That's exactly what we've done for you! Our 9 top bartending kits cover every type of bartender and level of experience. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or 'been around the block a few times', we've got you covered... 

1. European Bartender School 13-piece bartending kit - €135.00

EBS Bartending Kit

This 13-piece kit from yours truly (us) is available once you've completed our International Bartender Course. The extensive range of its bar tools means it's probably one of the best bar tool sets on this list and worth seriously considering.

This bartending kit contains all the essential bar tools like a 3-piece cocktail shaker, double jigger, bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer, speed opener (bottle opener), muddler, citrus zester and 3 pourers. With the double-padded bag, all of these stainless steel tools are safely stored and easily transported in a smart bag, great for travel. Plus, out of all the best bartender kits on this list, this is the only one to have a citrus zester and padded bag!

  • Excellent quality bar tools
  • Comes with bag for easy transportation and tidiness
  • The best bar set tools to prepare all types of cocktail

Best for: Any type of bartender. It doesn't matter if you're new to bartending or a highly experienced bartender, this is one of the best bar tools sets to get your hands on!

Alternatively, if you're just looking for a standard, but still trustworthy bartender kit, we offer this same set but without the bag and in copper. Learn more about the 13-piece copper bartending kit for just €43.75.

2. 4-piece bamboo bar tool kit with stand - $79.95

At number 2, we thought we'd include this vintage-esc bar tool kit for those who love to show off their tools.

In this kit, you'll receive a Hawthorne strainer, bottle opener, jigger and stirring spoon (mixing spoon), all made from stainless steel with sturdy bamboo handles. Keep your bar tools organised with its nifty nickel-finished stand, adding a touch of class to the whole kit.

If you're looking to keep your bar tools out on display, we think that this is one of the best bar tools sets and a great addition to your bar set!

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ A very nice, elegant design X Not dishwasher friendly
✓ High quality stainless steel bar tools X Only a 4-piece set, which can limit the ability to make cocktails

Best for: The experienced bartender. Maybe you already have some tools to make cocktails with but you're looking for some high quality bar tools to complement them? Then, look into this bar tool kit. 

EBS Bartender Kit in copper

3. 5-piece bartender cocktail kit - $92.99

This highly-revered handmade bartender cocktail kit comes with a Hawthorne strainer, Cobbler cocktail shaker, jigger, bar spoon and a pair of ice tongs. All the bar tools within this bartender kit are stainless steel and can be stored away in the charming wooden box it comes with.

What's even better about this cocktail set is that everything but the bar spoon can be customised with engraving, according to Etsy. And the best part? No extra charge!

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Nicely designed bar tools with neat box X Only a 5-piece kit, which can limit cocktail making
✓ Tools can be customised  

Best for: Those with experience. It's a good tool set but could lack all the tools necessary to start your bartender journey with. Professional bartenders come this way.

4. 5-piece mixology bartender kit - $36.49

This one of the more unique bartending kits on our lists. Why? It's to do with the cocktail shaker...

This bartender set sees you receive a frosted cocktail shaker with recipes printed onto the side of it, very unique, no? If you want to start bartending or you're a forgetful, experienced bartender, then this will be super helpful for you! The rest of the set is made up of a bar spoon, jigger, muddler and some ice tongs. Apart from the wooden muddler, the rest of the bar tools are metal with a brushed-gold, glossy finish, for real style.

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Recipes listed onto the side of the cocktail shaker are a nice touch X Not dishwasher safe
✓ Decent quality and quantity for the price X With only 5 pieces, you may struggle to make every type of cocktail out there

Best for: The amateur bartender. The recipes can help novices get a hold over this drinks art and learn how to use the other bar tools too.

5. Barillio bartending kit - $17.79

Number 5 on our list is this nifty bartending tool kit with 5 pieces. In this kit you'll get the basic tools of a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, muddler, jigger and 2 pourers, which are all made of stainless steel. All of this can be tidily stored away in a chic, black velvet bag, ideal for travelling. To top it all off, it even comes with a little cocktail recipes handbook, so you'll never forget the ingredients of a Screwdriver or Gin and Tonic.

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Great little book on cocktail recipes X For most cocktail recipes, you may need more tools than what's supplied
✓ Decent range of bar tools for a beginner  

Best for: Those looking to start bartending. The price and standard of tools means it'll be a good introduction to bartending.

6. VonShef bartender set - $29.99

Tired of shiny, metallic bar tools? This bartender set by VonShef is uniquely matte black and perfect for the indie bartender.

This is a 9-piece bartender tool kit including a Parisian cocktail shaker, Hawthorne strainer, jigger, bar spoon, 2 pourers, muddler and a fine mesh strainer. What's a great little feature of these bar tools is the double-ended bar spoon. The design has a spoon at one end and a fork at the other, genius! The sleek, minimalist design of this set means it's one of the best bartender kits on our list (and best looking).

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Excellent design and finish to the tools X Reports of the matte black coating rubbing off after use
✓ A good array of components within the bartender set  

Best for: Those interested in bartending and as a gift. This is not just your standard kit, it stands out from the crowd.

7. 10-piece crystal cocktail mixing set - $356.56

Now, we know the price might put you off but hear us out. This one's a real show stopper...

At 10 pieces, it's one the biggest on our list. This mixing set comes with a metal muddler, 2 straws, jigger, 2 pourers, ice tongs, Hawthorne strainer and a bar spoon. But the main attraction is the glass. The crystal, weighted stirring glass (mixing glass) is there to take your cocktails to another level, especially the Martinis and Negronis. This will really add a touch of class to your home bar! 

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Very high quality bartender kit  X May be out of the price range for many

Best for: The home bar. Those who know their way around a bar would be able to utilise these tools like a pro!

8. 7-piece cocktail shaker set - $13.99

Our penultimate suggestion here is this tightly packed cocktail shaker set, which eases you nicely into bartending if you're a novice. Once opened you'll find a double jigger, 2 pourers, bar spoon, cobbler shaker and a double-sided bottle opener. They're all matte stainless steel, so any pesky fingerprint marks won't stay on there for long, keeping it clean and tidy. And if you want to travel with these 7 pieces, they're easily wrapped up and taken anywhere.

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ Anti-smudge technology means it'll be kept looking good at all times X For more complex cocktails, more components are needed
  X Problems with the cocktail shaker seal have been reported

Best for: Those who want to start bartending and want to understand the basics. Professional bartenders may want to look elsewhere.

9. 14-piece craft bar tools set - $139.99

Our last recommendation on this best bartender kit list is this 14-piece craft bartender set. All the components (apart from the wooden muddler obviously) are stainless steel with a very tidy gold coating. You'll find a Boston shaker, Hawthorne strainer, fine strainer, Julep strainer, 6 cocktail picks, jigger, bar spoon and a muddler. With it being such an extensive bar kit, it'll be great for making cocktails. Whether you like your Martini shaken or stirred, you'll be able to make both with this bar kit.

Positives ✓ Negatives X
✓ A good range of bar tools X Not easily transported
✓ Very durable bar tools  

Best for: For the bartender with a good amount of experience.

So, that's it! That concludes our best bartender set list. We're sure you've been able to find your perfect set, whether you're a professional, novice or looking for a gift. Now, get your shake, stir, squeeze and muddle on!

Happy bartending!

Learn more about our EBS International Bartender Course and start your bartending journey with us today...