Why learn bartending in Sydney?

Why learn bartending in Sydney?

The Sydney bartending scene is ablaze on every level: choose from a huge range of rooftop terraces, water-level lookouts, and underground bars. The more clued-up will know that Sydney has a thriving American-style speakeasy scene. In some places, you even need a passcode to enter. Another trend is tasting drinks right where they were made in breweries or distilleries. And don’t forget the ever-popular Australian pub. Wherever you fancy landing a job, you can!

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The Sydney school

The Sydney school

Our Sydney school is a bartender-producing machine. With 17 bar stations, 15 flair stations, and 15 free pour stations, we can accommodate a large number of students. That means more friends to discover this happening city with!

Just around the corner from the school is the newly developed shopping centre and residential area, Central Park. Here you’ll find a large supermarket, a variety of shops, and 2 food courts. This is a great spot for hanging out and practising flair. And, if you want to explore a bit further away, the city’s main train station is a 7-minute walk away

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Charlotte Voisey

The Education Team

We are the only school in Australia that trains its own trainers, ensuring that each instructor attends the rigorous EBS Instructor Academy in order to keep teaching standards high and teaching methods cohesive. When you take any EBS course, you can be certain that you’re learning the most up-to-date industry practices and receiving the highest quality education on the market.

The courses were conceived and are continually updated by the best bartenders in the industry - take Charlotte Voisey, our Board of Education member. After rising through the ranks of the hospitality industry and receiving countless awards Charlotte moved out to the States where she is now Global Head of Ambassadors at William Grants & Sons. Find out more about Charlotte here.

Fully equipped facilities

Inside our Sydney school, you’ll find different areas dedicated to specific parts of the course. There’s the live bar, the practice and masterclass areas, and even a chill area where you can relax between classes. Take a look…

EBS Sydney accommodation


EBS Sydney has its own hostel, just ten minutes away from the school. It’s completely refurbished, features 54 beds with common spaces, kitchen, and dining areas and there’s always something going on at the EBS hostel. It’s located in Newtown, an area full of inner-city attractions that range from restaurants and bars to theatres and clubs.

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

We all know surfing is a classic Aussie pastime. But whether you’re experienced or not, surfing in Sydney is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. So join us on a surf trip to one of our many glorious beaches. You’ll soon see what all the fuss is about.

Sydney’s a diverse city, and it’s got the nightlife to match. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re into secret cocktail bars or big boozers bustling with locals. We’ll take you on a tour of our favourite spots in the city, from the swanky rooftop bars to the hidden gems.

Courses in Sydney

International Bartender Course

This globally recognised bartender course is famous for training high-quality bartenders through unique teaching techniques and unforgettable experiences.

4 weeks
Basic Bartender Course

Fast-track your way into the bartending industry with 1 week of hands-on training.

Mixology Course

Learn to create your own infusions, syrups, and craft cocktails using advanced techniques.