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What can you expect of Berlin?

If you haven’t been to Berlin, you will be amazed at the amount of crazy little bars, galleries, coffee shops and restaurants spread out all over the city. Berlin, unlike some European metropoles, is very affordable and dance music is a thriving industry with a variety of clubs all over the city. Regardless of your taste in music, Berlin will serve it up for you and your friends.

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The Berlin school

Your school’s interior has been redesigned in a very cool way, making it blend in perfectly in a city where design, history and vintage go hand in hand. With its excellent public transportation system, Berlin is a breeze to navigate and your school is a mere walking distance from Berlin Westhafen railway- and subway station. The Fritz-Schloß park is right around the corner for your daily workouts, and any run into one of the city centers (there are multiple) shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes.

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Happy Hostel is located in the middle of Berlin, giving you a temporary home while you become a bartender with us. This state-of-the-art hostel with free Wi-Fi can be found in Moabit, a neighborhood surrounded by waterways, restaurants and bartender hangouts.

The hostel is within walking distance of the school; however, you can also jump on the 123 bus which leaves every 20 minutes for your convenience.

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

To stay in-line with current Covid-19 restrictions, we might need to temporarily pause or adjust some of these activities.

End the course with a bang and bid farewell to your EBS family at the final graduation party. Taking place at the lively Bowling Word Berlin, it’ll be a night of fun, friends and laughter.

Berlin is renowned for its fantastic breweries so we’ll take you to Berliner Kindl brewery or Mampe distillery to expand your beer knowledge and of course, to sample some local beverages for yourself!

Discover the best of Berlin’s cocktail bars on this fun-filled bar tour around the city. We’ll take you to legendary venues including Monbijou hotel and Meisterschueler Bar. Get set for an evening of delicious cocktails and top-notch bars.

Courses in Berlin

International Bartender

This globally-recognised bartender course is famous for training high-quality bartenders through unique teaching techniques and unforgettable experiences.

4 weeks
English German Italian French Spanish
Coffee Course

Develop the skills to make perfect Italian coffee at home or to start working in a café.

Basic Bartender Course

Fast-track your way into the bartending industry with 1 week of hands-on training.

Working Flair

Gain style and confidence with craft flair moves you can actually use behind the bar.

Barista Course

Coffee creation from bean to cup. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to make the perfect coffee.


Learn to create your own infusions, syrups, and craft cocktails using advanced techniques.