Constant opportunities to socialize, stretch your creativity, travel the world, and meet people from all walks of life, this is the working life of a bartender– there’s truly never a dull moment! It’s no wonder so many people are searching for bartender jobs. 

The first step to landing your dream position as a bartender is crafting a knockout bartender resume that will spark the interest of your future employer. Here are all the tips and tricks on how to do it like a pro…


The age-old question… photo or no photo? 

Before we get into how to write the bulk of your bartender resume, let’s talk about photos. If you’re wondering whether to include a picture of yourself at the top of your resume, the first question to ask is where is the job I am applying for based? 

For example, in the US, UK and Canada, it is not common to add this detail (and is even frowned upon due to anti-discrimination regulations), whereas in many European countries a resume photo is the norm and recruiters usually expect to see one.

The best way to organize a bartender’s resume 

A resume for a bartender job should be concise, relevant and interesting. This means that keeping it to a page and leaving off busy designs/formatting will probably work in your favor. Also, ensure you reply to the bartender job description in the advert.

But if you should remember one thing and one thing only, it’s that your bartender resume skills section is the star of the show. We’ll teach you how to organize all the information so that this bit really stands out…

Header: introduce yourself

Though it seems largely self-explanatory, a header is the very first thing you’ll want to start off with when building your bartender resume. This includes your full name (at the top in a larger font), mailing address, email, and phone number. Make sure all of this information is current or you could miss out on an important notification from your prospective employer!

Skills: show off what you've got 


As we’ve already mentioned, a skill-based bartender resume is a winning bartender resume. This is what will set you apart from the rest of those eager bartending job seekers. To make sure your skill list pops, create a separate section and write them in bold.

Emphasize every quality that makes you a stand-out bartender candidate, such as liquor and spirits knowledge, excellent customer service skills, interpersonal skills, stress management skills, and of course, proficient skills in cocktail creation and mixology. 

In addition to the above bartender resume skills, you can also add foreign languages should you speak any. In the US bartending market especially, knowledge of Spanish is a huge plus so whether you’re totally proficient or would just feel comfortable serving a Spanish-speaking customer with your basic level, be sure to include this detail.

Don’t go overboard by listing a zillion skills, but rather add just enough to show the recruiter what kind of bartender they would be hiring if they hired you. 

Work experience: get the hiring manager’s attention 

This section should be the biggest chunk of your bartender resume as it’s the one the hiring manager will scan for the moment they receive your application. 

That being said, it really needs to wow. List your work experience in chronological order starting with your most recent position, including the job title, place of employment, and key responsibilities. 

This last point is what you’ll want to tweak to perfection. Instead of writing something basic like “served customers with a strong knowledge of the bar menu”, take it to the next level with “excelled at up-selling premium cocktails to a range of customers and increased average ticket sales by 15%”. Recruiters love to see work experience that has garnered real results. 

Education and Training: to highlight your academic achievements


This is where you get to brag about where you went to college or name any professional titles you might hold, like our International Bartender Course certification. Above all, this section should be short and informative. 

When listing your college or university it’s only necessary to provide the name, the year of graduation, and the degree attained. 

What about references? 

So, you’ve already included all the bartender resume essentials but are wondering about references.

Instead of including a list of references that could take your bartender resume beyond the one-page limit, simply add a line that says “happy to provide reference contacts” or “references available upon request”. Short and sweet. 

Check other stellar bartender resume examples...

The internet is full of great bartender resumes written by people just like you! Keep yours 100% original, but make the most of your resources for resume format inspiration.

Now that you’re equipped with all the tips and tricks for building a knockout bartender resume, get to writing! You'll scoop those bartending jobs in no time. 

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