You've got extensive cocktail-making skills, and racked up more time behind the bar than your Gran has watched repeats of classic Corrie. But how do you get the bar job of your dreams? 

Well, it's all down to writing a killer bartender CV. 

These expert bartender CV tips will tell you all you need to know about crafting the perfect UK bartender resume.


Contact information

Yes, it might sound obvious, but make sure you write your full name at the top of your bartender CV so it stands out on the page. Plus your current address, phone number and email address.

You’d be surprised how many people forget…

CV summary

Some people refer to this as the personal statement section. This summary lives at the top of your CV, and gives you the chance to show off about who you are and what makes you the perfect candidate for the job. One line will do.

Try something like this: 'A dynamic and meticulous bar professional with 4 years experience in high end bars'.

Put your skills first

Unlike a more standard CV format - a UK bartender CV should be as skill-based as you can possibly make it. 

Your achievements, professional qualifications (such as our International Bartender Course) and your relevant experience need to be at the forefront to grab the attention of a hiring manager. 

This should include; bartending skills, customer service skills, beverage knowledge, bar inventory and cocktail making amongst other things. Remember: It's not just about serving drinks to customers.

Create a side panel in bold for all these skills, detailing all your expertise, from crafting signature cocktails, to hosting themed events. The more the merrier. 

But try and keep this to 100 words and under, and use exciting language that’ll make employers want to keep on reading.

Bartending work experience


List your work experience (with the most recent first, obviously), the location and and your job title. Include bullet points detailing your exact responsibilities and also list specific achievements. 

This could be the difference between a trial shift or not at a bar, so keep it clear, concise and informative. This way hiring managers can see your key achievements quickly and easily.

Only add recent experience in the hospitality industry, or examples of roles where you have developed outstanding customer service skills - flogging double glazing during the Summer holidays does not need to be on there... 

Educational information 

Yes, we all know this is the least interesting part of your bartender CV, but it's a necessary one (unless you were brought up as a feral wolf cub).

List where you went to school and/or college and university, followed by the grades you achieved, in which particular subject and the qualification attained. 

Keep this section short and to the point. You don't want the head bartender dropping off mid-read, now do you?

Five formatting tips for a bartender CV… 

Bartender cv template and tips
  • Keep your CV on one page -  any longer and you’ve added too many unnecessary details.
  • Choose an easily readable and professional font. No Comic Sans here, please…
  • Use numbers if you can. Quantify your experience with measurable stats - it will give your CV more meaning. E.g  I boosted Jack Daniels' sales by 22%.
  • Include a couple of extra lines about your interests and hobbies, plus any foreign languages if you speak them.
  • Ensure you reply to the bartender job description. Use the job advert as a reference for your bartender CV format. Highlight the responsibilities and skills the employer is looking for, then use them to describe your experience on the CV.

And that's it. Follow these juicy morsels of advice to get your CV ready, and you'll scoop those bartending jobs in no time. This bartender cv template example will also help!

Once you've nailed your CV, hopefully you'll get yourself that all-important interview. Make sure you go over the most common bartender interview questions to prepare yourself well. 

Alternatively, get a foot on the bar job ladder by signing up to our bartender course. You'll master over 65 cocktails in 4 weeks!