Bottle openers may not be the most exciting purchase you make. Nor may they be the most necessary, for those of you who enjoy a trip to the dentist. But a good bottle opener can make the difference behind the bar, making the service faster, customers happier and your finances healthier.

Don't waste time endlessly shopping around for a bartender bottle opener. Take a look at our list of the best bottle openers of 2023!


1. Resealer beer bottler opener - Westmark

Westmark 3-in-1 opener

Starting off this list is a real contender for the best bottle opener for bartenders, already! 

Created by the German company Westmark, this bottle opener is a 3-in-1! It opens bottles, reseals caps and tackles those pesky screw tops some soda bottles come with. Imagine you're drinking a beautiful banana stout, but you want to share this experience over two days. Not a problem with this little device. Use the resealing feature to store your drink, its flavours and carbonation. This is totally unique to the Westmark opener, giving it an early head start.

Bartenders can also use the two different opening methods for the customers, whilst resealing bottles for their own leisure during a service. Instead of emptying a bottle of Coca Cola, it can be savoured for some time, spreading out the caffeine rush over the bar shift in several orders. Plus, its sturdy design means it can be trusted time and time again.

German quality and efficiency at its finest!

2. Flat bottle opener - BarConic

BarConic speed bottle opener

Flat beer bottle openers are some of the most commonly used and best bottle openers for bartenders. Their simplistic design and functionality are adored by bartenders who just want to get the job done fast. Why spend ages on that order of 10 beers, when you could be making a fun and much mor interesting Moscow Mule?

The speed at which these openers unlock beer bottles has meant bartenders also call them 'speed openers'. Most of the implements on our list get the job done fast, but this speed opener offers a seriously rapid de-capping service. Get your technique right and it could see you open a beer bottle every second!

Beer bottles won't be safe around this sleek, stainless steel beer bottle opener...

3. Wall-mounted bottle opener - Holtz Leather

Wall bottle cap opener with pouch

Maybe you're looking for an opener that requires no physical effort Just simply pop off the cap and get serving? This is the bottle opener for you!

Wall-mounted bottle openers are a nifty piece of kit, offering not only utility but also a stylish wall feature. Simply take a cold beer bottle and open it using the robust stylish opener. And the best part? It has a bottle cap catcher, so there's no need to even handle the cap after. Just open and serve!

Beer caps are stored neatly in the leather pouch until they are emptied. Both of these tools are attached to a rustic piece of wood, formerly a Tennessee whiskey barrel - so it goes without saying that if you're a whiskey bar, this is perfect for the bar and the staff alike!

It can also be personalised for that little added extra.

4. Extendable bottle opener - Yeti

Yeti extendable opener

Are you a forgetful bartender from time to time? Do you misplace essential bar tools that slows down the pace of your service slower? Yeti makes this problem obsolete.

It's a contender for best bartender bottle opener for sure, and it's all down to the extendable (and retractable) cord. Attach the bottle opener to the cord and attach the cord to yourself, to never lose it again. Whilst the speed bottle opener is super fast, what if it's misplaced? It defeats the whole point of them. With the Yeti beer bottle opener, never again will you waste time searching for a bottle opener!

5. Wine bottle opener - Sonoma-Cutrer

Sonoma-Cutrer corkscrew

Now, we're over half way, it's time to offer more bottle-versatility. Wine bottles to be precise.

There's nothing worse than standing by a table of waiting customers as you struggle to open a vintage. Open bottles with zero embarrassment by getting your hands on the Sonoma-Cutrer corkscrew. Everything you possibly need to pop open a wine bottle is there. A spiral corkscrew, foil-cutting blade and safe grip are all there to offer an easy experience and a corked-free glass of wine!

However, like most wine bottle openers, it can do bottle caps, too. Fold away the corkscrew and you have yourself a beer bottle opener. Plus. once you're done, it can all be stored neatly back into the device and be placed into your bartender apron. Perfect.

Of the best wine bottle openers out there, this is our winner.

6. Luxury bottle opener - Crate & Barrel

Half moon high-class opener

Every list needs an outlier, something that grabs attention (in the right way). We think that this bottle opener does exactly that.

In terms of functionality, it does exactly the same as all the other bartender bottle openers on this list... open bottles. However, it's not here simply for that. It's the design that sets it apart from the other beer bottle openers.

Open a beer bottle cap in style with this luxury opener. Its design is nothing you've seen before for such a tool. A half-moon head, finished in gold is complete with a firm handle coated in braided faux leather. Fit for both a home bar and commercial establishment, bartenders will be performing this thoughtless bar duty with pleasure.

It's not often beer openers are pimped out with such a design! In fact, it would look right at home in a set of mixology gifts, so if you know a bartender that would love this, it's a unique, thoughtful present.

7. Automatic bottle opener - True

Magnetic beer bottle cap opener

''Save the best till last,'' is what they commonly say, right? Well, you won't be disappointed here! Imagine if bottle openers did all the work for you? With this magnetic bottle opener, it's a dream come True (ha, sorry).

The geniuses at True have developed a bottle opener that takes out all the effort needed. 'How does this machine work?' we hear you ask. It's simple! Just take a beer bottle and place the True bottle opener over the cap. Push down with some force and 'voila' you've successfully opened the beer! Plus, if you love to collect bottle caps, this beer opener keeps them in perfect condition.

With a stainless steel casing, this beer bottle opener also fits snuggly into your hand. The easy function means it's perfect for bartenders who like to things done fast and if you hate the caps dropping everywhere when using a conventional opener, this magnetic device offers a quick solution.

Opening bottles has never been so fun (and easy)!


Final verdict

In our humble opinion, the best bottle opener for a bartender is the resealer bottle opener by Westmark. Whilst all seven on our list are very good, if we had to pick a winner this would be our first recommendation.

It has everything needed from a bottle opener: durability, utility, versatility and style. It's an opener to rely on, as well the added extra of the resealing function. As reliable bar tools go, this fits the bill perfectly!

What is the best type of bottle opener?

According to most bartenders, speed openers are the best types of bartender bottle openers. The design, efficiency and speed of the devices make them perfect for a busy bar service.

What bottle openers do bartenders use?

The most common bottle openers for bartenders are speed openers, corkscrews and wine keys. A bartender will most likely be using one of these three when behind the bar.

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