So, you've got this mixologist friend and it's their birthday soon, but you've no idea what to get them? Stop stressing, we have you covered...

There's a perfect present for every cocktail bartender on our list of the 17 top gifts for mixologists. All you have to so is sit back and watch their face fill with joy when they open it up.

1. Wine bar cart

Bar cart by Wayfair

Kicking off this list of mixology must-haves, is this beautiful wine bar cart.

A simplistic design with plenty of space to put anything and everything, this cart is bound to make a mixologist's day. Whilst this is technically a 'wine cart', there's no reason why the wine can be replaced with spirits and cocktail syrups! After all, adapting and modification is all part of being a mixologist.

Organising a home bar with 4 large shelves, all at alternating heights, wine cup holders, wine bottles holders and a sturdy bar to prevent anything from falling and smashing. It's perfectly designed to arrange even the most disorganised of mixologists!

2. Brass cocktail shaker

Brass cocktail shaker

So they've got the skills and they've got the knowledge, but maybe they're missing a bit of finesse? Sounds like someone you know? Then this is the gift for them...

Unique cocktail shakers can often look a wee-bit 'gimmicky', however this one is anything but! Throw away that boring Boston shaker and make some classic cocktails in this brass beauty.

The cocktail shaker comes with everything your regular Boston would have, including (most importantly) a reliable, tight seal. Its streamline body is coated in stainless steel and finished in sleek brass, for that bit of sophistication.

Mixologist are cocktail enthusiasts and we think that this is one of the best mixology gift ideas on our list. Shake it up in style!

3. Moscow Mule mugs set

Copper Moscow Mule mugs

The Moscow Mule is an integral part of cocktail culture and it is an absolute classic. But it's only a Moscow Mule if served in the correct receptacle! Take a look at this mixology gift set of four Moscow Mule mugs that will complete any bar.

These contemporary style mugs are made 100% of copper and are there to keep the Mule cold and fizzy for much longer than any regular drinking glass. If you're wanting to surprise guests and/or friends, these mugs are the way to go!

What makes this stylish gift even better is the optional engraving, offering a personal touch to the copper mugs. Get your mixologist mate a gift to remember with this set and never look back...

4. Whiskey rocks glasses

Whiskey rocks glasses

After a long bar service, it can be good to just sit down and give the brain a break from all of that cocktail creativity, no? Serving up yourself a drink 'on the rocks' is just one way to do this, but it needs the perfect glass.

These rocks glasses by Riedel are one of the best gifts for mixologists when they need some downtime. Made to fit larger ice cubes, its intelligent design means it shows the exact measurement for a 60ml pour. It's a new, innovative style of drinking glass, fit for any mixologists' drinks cabinet.

There's no need to worry about a disappointing drink from this glass, so they can certainly switch off after a late shift by enjoying a drink!

5. Bar spoon set of 3

Set of 3 bar spoons

For a mixologist, bar tools are key to performing well. The bar spoon may seem like a humble, simple tool but it's exactly this reputation that prevents some drinks from reaching to their full potential. This great set of bar spoons offers some new bartending options for mixologists.

Firstly, these are premium grade stainless steel. If you don't know what that means, it's basically a durable bar tool that'll last you a good while. Given the amount of stirring that occurs in mixology, you'll need a hard-wearing bar spoon.

The best feature of these bar spoons is their different functionality. Each spoon has a spoon head (obviously) but their bottoms are different. One is horizontally flat, one is a thickened nib and another is a larger stirrer. This gives the user three extra functionalities and, therefore, three extra opportunities to create the next big thing!

6. Hand-cut mixing glass

Bespoke mixing glass

Once again, this might not be the most exciting bar tool, but the mixing glass is another key part of the mixologist's inventory. If you can't stir a cocktail properly, what's the point? Match up the bar spoons above with this mixing glass and serve up guests a perfect Martini!

This mixing glass is hand-cut and pays 'subtle homage' to the pineapple in its design, according to Piña Barware. Given the name of the company, this is unsurprising. Its fit with 'seamless walls', to provide a smooth stirring experience for the mixologist. Plus, the glass can make up to 2-5 cocktails at one time. Invaluable when you're cocktail-making during a busy shift.

Make a mixologist's life easier by purchasing this professional mixing glass for them.

7. Mixology dice

Mixology dice

Moving away from mixologist gear for a moment, this one of our favourite novelty cocktail gifts on our list. Yes, the mixology dice is there to test the best of mixologists.

Its use is very simple. There are eight dice in the bag. Each dice represents a spirit, liqueur, sugar, fruit, citrus, and is designed to amuse you while testing your knowledge.

Whether they're a new mixologist or an experienced one, these mixology dice will better their skills and their creativity.

8. Breville smoking gun

Smoking gun by Breville

As gifts for mixologists go, this one's a 'biggy'. Being creative is part and parcel of being a master mixologist and many different tools and techniques are needed to make these inventive cocktails.

For a cocktail enthusiast, this smoking gun by Breville is exactly the tool to enhance their mixology abilities. This smoking gun is highly rated amongst many other drinks companies, and we couldn't agree more!

It's a cold smoke system, which can be adapted for gentle or intense amounts of smoke, depending on the cocktail method. You simply add the woodchips to be burned and away you go. Smoking! Get ready to take your mixology to another level.

If you're wondering whether it's a good gift or not, ask yourself one question, 'do they already have a smoke gun?' If the answer is no, then buy it! There's not one mixologist that wouldn't find this a great gift!

9. The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart

The Drunken Botanist mixology book

Books can be great gifts for mixologists. Part of the culture is learning about the past and how bartending has evolved through the ages. For any profession, reading is the gateway to success.

The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart is a bartender book that takes explores the relationship between science and bartending. You'll learn about chemical reactions within the cocktail glass and learn how flora has long been used in cocktail making. For aspiring mixologists, this book is a great place to start when understanding how ingredients interact with each other.

If you want a slightly more alternative gift, this mixology book is definitely the choice for you!

10. Ice ball maker

Ice ball making kit

Getting back onto bar accessories, let's discuss the ice ball maker...

This piece of kit is a lovely little addition to any mixologist's home bar. Ice balls are becoming the next big thing in Japan, especially as their whisky culture explodes. The whole point of an ice ball is that it melts at much slower rate, whilst also being visibly appealing. This makes them perfect for drinks served 'straight' like whiskey and vodka.

Buy purchasing this ice ball maker, you'll be able to make perfectly-shaped and clear ice balls, and diamonds! Fill the moulds and place them into the small ice freezer to achieve an amazingly crystal clear ball of ice, it's that easy.

Cloudy, air-bubbled ice can be the bane of a mixologists' life and ruin a delicious-tasting cocktail. So, don't leave a mixologist out in the cold with cloudy ice!

11. Cocktail wall art

Cocktail wall art

At number 12, we introduce you to some lovely cocktail wall art. Cocktail bars across the world take their décor and aesthetic seriously, so why shouldn't mixologists do the same at home?

You'll get the opportunity to purchase a set of six pieces of wall art, at a size of your preference. But what's the art? Well, as you can see above, they're beautiful illustrations of the classic cocktails every mixologist knows inside out (and knows how to 'zhuzh' them up). Hang these tidy cocktail illustrations in any bar and complete your mixology space.

12. Cocktail bitters bar pack

Bar bitters set

Craft bitters are a part of every mixologists bar inventory, but how about we rid the bar of the classics and go for something a little bit different?

Give your mixologist a real challenge with this alternative pack of craft bitters. You'll get five different bitters, including notes of cinnamon, liqourice, coffee, peppers and tea! A classic cocktail requiring a dash of bitters won't be safe around a mixologist with this at their disposal.

Bitters can be the real difference in a cocktail and should be taken seriously by mixologists. This isn't simply changing the alcohol or juice, it's adding a completing unique taste to a drink many won't have access to. Star mixologists should always have a great array of bitters ready to enhance a new cocktail creation.

13. Whiskey mixology set

Making whiskey set for home

Continuing with the best mixology gifts out there, is this cute, little whiskey cocktail gift set. This kind of goes beyond conventional mixology, in that you'll be experimenting with making the spirit itself, rather than the cocktail.

What's so good about that, then? Well, you'll be given the opportunity to create a completely unique drink with your flavoured whiskey! Cocktail lovers like alternative recipes, even more so when it's with a homemade spirit! 

Buy this and your mixologist mate will receive not just the bitters, fancy glasses and the slow-cooked cherries (yum) in the set, but also a chance to expand their creativity.

14. Cocktail cards set

Mixology cards set

Like Cindi Lauper, mixologists just wanna have fun. What better way to have fun then some cocktail-themed cards?

Not only will you be able to play cards with friends, but you'll also be able to test your cocktail knowledge by reading the cocktail recipes. This is a nice little novelty gift for mixologists, with 52 cocktail recipes (and cards) to remember.

A fun little feature to this present is that mixologists can add their own recipe to the pack with the two joker cards. Fill out the plain template to show off your new creation to friends...

15. DIY gin making kit

Home gin making kit

The last of the mixology gift sets and this one could be a real winner. Anyone who thinks that gin isn't versatile is both boring and wrong!

Once you've opened this DIY gin kit, you'll see not only two infusion bottles, a funnel and some advice cards, but also 12 botanicals. These herbs and spices include lavender flowers, liquorice, cardamom and pink pepper, to name a few. Even for the inexperienced mixologist, making a truly unique gin will be easy and super fun!

If you're not a massive fan of whiskey, then get 'ginny' with this kit instead! Ha.

16. Set of unique cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses

Mixologists make special, unique cocktails in special and unique ways. Why would you subject such a cocktail to a regular cocktail glass. Instead, give it the respect it deserves by using an equally special glass for it to be enjoyed out of. 

The glass is labelled as a 'cocktail Martini Champagne juice smoothie red wine cold drink glass', so we can only gather that it's a versatile cocktail glass. Due to the shape of the glass, mixologists will find it easy to 'smoke' the cocktail and for it to take on the flavours of the smoke.

Wow your punters with this handmade creation!

17. Dr Martens vegan Felix Chelsea boots

Dr Martens Chelsea boots

Finally! We're at the end of our list, and to finish off we have a more versatile present, a pair of 'mixology shoes'. Whilst these aren't technically just for mixologists, they are very popular for those working behind the bar and one of the best bartender shoes!

Look stylish whilst mixing cocktails by wearing this pair of Dr Martens. They're also vegan, meaning you'll be saving the planet whilst you make that Gin Fizz.

Revolutionise bartending and the environment at the same time with this pair of Chelsea boots!

Want to start a bartending career? A bartending course might help you out, and if you're looking to up your cocktail-making game, mixology training could be for you.