You may have always heard that coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world after water. Well, it’s wrong. You’ll be surprised to hear that, with such big countries as China and India, tea has indeed become the most consumed drink.

But despite this fact, coffee is still our favourite. It is widely consumed and comes just after tea in the world ranking!

Here are 7 fun facts about coffee, that might surprise you! 

  1. Coffee is actually a red fruit! The grain everybody knows is just the pit of this fruit. coffee fruit red
  2. Coffee is the second most traded product in the world, following petroleum.
  3. The countries that drink the most coffee are the northern countries such as Finland, Norway and Iceland!
  4. Latte Art isn’t merely decorative: if the drawing stays fixed in the milk, it means that the foam and coffee are perfectly made. It’s proof of quality!latte art coffee foam
  5. The cup size does not influence the quantity of caffeine. A large coffee contains the exact same amount of coffee as an espresso, there is just more water. So if you are looking for caffeine, size doesn’t matter!
  6. The first espresso machine was actually created by a French man: Louis Bernard Rabaud. Italians have only improved the machine and marketed it! espresso machine barista
  7. In Turkey, there used to be a law stating that if a husband does not provide his wife with enough coffee, she can get a divorce!

Help lower the divorce rate in Turkey, learn how to serve coffee to those ladies! The barista world is booming, with more and more hotels and bars looking for qualified baristas.

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