What does Brussels bring you?

Nestled in the heart of Europe, it’s no wonder that Brussels boasts a combination of the continent’s best aspects: great gastronomy, notorious nightlife, and a whole lot of history.

Brussels is the ideal place to feed your soul with comfort foods like French fries and waffles, or knock back one of 2000 national beers like a true local. Music is life in Belgium - just look at the infamous Tomorrowland, the mother of all electronic festivals - so you will no doubt find yourself bouncing to beats in top-notch clubs after class. Plus, weekend getaways are easy, with Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges just an hour’s train journey away.

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The Brussels School

The school is centrally located and just a two-minute walk from the nearest bus and tram stops. The vast study space spans 680m2 and has two levels. With beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, the school is super luminous so those shakers will be shining bright as you practise! We’ve got 10 bar stations, 10 free pour stations, 10 flair stations, 1 large live bar, a chill area, and a theory room with a projector. And don’t forget the party room with a DJ booth! If you’re driving to us (we’re 40 minutes from the airport), we also offer free parking.

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EBS brussels accomodation


Welcome to The Nest, your spacious, modern apartment located within The Good House residence in Brussels’ vibrant Ixelles district. Immerse yourself in the lively neighbourhood and enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance of numerous city hotspots. Explore the city's stunning architecture, bustling nightlife, and exciting year-round events. When you need a moment of relaxation, take advantage of the apartment's enclosed terrace, or start your day with a cup of coffee on a balcony overlooking the awakening neighbourhood.

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

Start the adventure with some delicious pastries, socialise with your future best friends, and have a tour of the school.

Enjoy an exclusive tour of the brewery, taste a beer or two, and hear all about BBP’s mission to pull Belgian beer out of the Middle Ages and catapult it into the present.

Admire the impressive architecture of this monument and climb up into one of the spheres for a panoramic view of the city. Amble through Mini Europe and finish off with some flair practice in the manicured royal gardens of Parc de Laeken.

Let’s go pub-crawling through Brussels! Our focus of the night: strong Belgian beer and tip-top cocktails! Conceptual bars are particularly popular in the capital of Europe; get prescribed a medicinal mix at La Pharmacie Anglaise or have a beer amongst puppets in Poechenellekelder.

Teleport to Polynesia as you taste some classic Tiki cocktails served in traditional carved glasses. Ever heard of Smuggler's Cove? Let's change that!

Welcome to the EBS family. Celebrate your time together with a night of food, fun, and cocktails.

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