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What can you see and do in Rome?

Rome is steeped in history, home to glorious food and some of the world’s most incredible art and architecture. It is not only Rome’s incredibly unique history that sets the city apart, but it is also the fact that the city contains the world’s smallest country, Vatican City. The Eternal City is one the most beautiful cities in the world; every year millions of tourists flock to appreciate everything it has to offer.

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The Rome school

It is only appropriate that EBS Rome is as colossal as the world-famous Roman colosseum! The school measures a massive 500 m2, making it one of the biggest schools within the EBS family. The school is located in the Trastevere district, meaning Fiumicino airport is only 30 minutes away and Ciampino airport is 1 hour away. The school boasts 12 bar stations, 12 flair stations, a live bar and a purpose-built barista centre. The school can accommodate up to 48 students which is the ideal number for you to practise all of your bartending moves and make international friends.

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While you study with us, you’ll get to stay in B&B Gli Scalini, a cozy spot set in the Trastevere area. EBS Rome is just a 10-minute walk from here, and the Roma Trastevere station is just 150 metres away. If the B&B gets booked up, we’ll give you a space in our specially selected hostel that’s just a 10-minute walk from the B&B. A week before the course starts, we’ll let you know which accommodation option we’ve assigned to you – whether it’s the B&B or the hostel.

Accommodation features

After-hours activities

To stay in-line with current Covid-19 restrictions, we might need to temporarily pause or adjust some of these activities.

EBS Rome will hit some of the best cocktail bars in town, one of them being, La Stanza. This little bar creates a unique atmosphere with its brilliant music, delicious food and of course, fantastic cocktails.

You will learn some latte art skills from our first-class instructors who are also barista experts. Turn the milk on your cappuccino into a beautiful masterpiece with these latte art skills.

It is only right to do a vermouth masterclass in the school, as vermouth wine was first produced in the 18th century in Turin, Italy. EBS Rome will teach you all there is to know about this much-loved aperitif. For example, did you know vermouth was originally marketed for medicinal purposes?

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