Success Stories

If you are really into bartending, you will achieve something from EBS because they will teach you the best kind of methods, the best kind of techniques, and the knowledge that they are giving you it’s up to the mark.


It’s a pleasure to hear graduate Kunal look back so positively on his experience taking the International Bartender Course at EBS Goa.


Kunal took our first-class course in 2019 and is now a successful bartender and bar manager.

He currently oversees 4 restaurant bars and mixes up pioneering drinks combinations at Wolf.


Kunal’s work experience since graduating is impressive, having previously worked at bars including Dear Donna, Bohca, Misosexy, Bougie, Noche, and Tickled Pink. He proudly states that “this journey start[ed] with the EBS course.” Kunal explains how the instructors “give you mobility and speed that are required in the current industry. They will give you precise knowledge about everything the best of the best spirits to taste.” Having worked at such a range of excellent bars, it is clear that Kunal was inspired by his instructors and listened to every tip they had to offer!


At this stage in his career, Kunal shares that his main focus is to bring guests out of their taste comfort zone. He finds great joy in preparing new cocktails for customers that surprise them with innovative concepts and introduce them to new flavours.


Watch the full interview with Kunal to find out more


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