Gin is a much-loved spirit in many countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, and the Philippines. Originally found in Holland, it quickly made its way across the globe and became a household name. Everyone knows of the popular gin cocktails like the Dry Martini, Italian Negroni, and the number one go-to cocktail, the Gin and Tonic. However, alternatives to this legendary spirit are being crafted…and people like them.

How Is Gin Made?

Let’s start with the basics, distilled gin is created by adding juniper berries and other botanicals to neutral column-distilled spirits. Gin is said to have first been created in the 17th century in a small Dutch town called Leiden. It was used for medicinal purposes and was made by mixing juniper berries in wine.

Pink gin cocktail in a white table with some ingredients like lime, lemon and ice

What’s the Deal With Pink Gin?

Pink gin is starting to boom in the market right now. No, we don’t mean the Pink Gin cocktail made up of gin and Angostura Bitters, which is very tasty by the way! We are talking about the spirit that gin enthusiasts can’t stop talking about.

For Taavi Tenso, Brand Ambassador for Crafters (Liviko), the reason why pink gin has become so popular is because companies and brands found that people didn’t like the taste of gin that much. People found it to be too dry as a spirit and even more so when mixed with tonic.

“For us, that was when we started using Fentimans Rose Lemonade with London Dry released it to the market. Then we got the idea to make a gin that works with the regular tonics everytime.”

What Makes Pink Gin Different?

Pink gin is normal gin that has been flavoured with fruits. It’s similar to normal gin as it has no added sugar and contains the same alcohol by volume. However, red or pink fruits like strawberries, raspberries or red currents are added. This is what gives the gin its beautiful pink colour which makes it so attractive to the eye and on Instagram. The fruits that have been added also produce deliciously sweet and fruity flavours.

Barman stirring pink gin cocktail

A refreshing Gin and Tonic can still be made with pink gin! However, an exciting cocktail alternative is Gordon’s Pink Spritz. Like an Aperol Spritz but using pink gin instead. This cocktail can be made by putting ice in a large wine glass and pouring 50ml of Gordon’s Pink Gin, 50ml of lemonade and 25ml of Prosecco. Much better, right?

Taavi Tenso knows that trends in the drink industry change very often so only time will tell if pink gin is here to stay or if it’s just a seasonal trend. One thing Taavi has noticed is that people now want sweeter rather than dryer drinks – good news for pink gin.

Taavi finishes by telling us that:

“Pink Gin has a huge fanbase. It’s just that they don’t know about Pink Gin yet”.

Our Top 10 Pink Gin Brands

Here’s our top brands in no particular order:

  1. Gordon’s
  2. Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused
  3. Pinkster Gin
  4. Edgerton Original
  5. Gin Lane 1751
  6. Burleighs Gin Pink Edition
  7. M&S Think
  8. Musgrave
  9. Larios Rose Premium Gin
  10. Rives Premium

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