Shopping for someone who loves a glass of vino? The days of buying an expensive bottle of French red wine is over. Be more original!

But, when it comes to gift ideas, there's so much on offer. So what's the best of the best?

Even if you've left it to the last minute, we're here to save your Christmas (or birthday) present with some great gifts for wine lovers...

1. Set of red wine glasses

Red wine glasses set

Up first is a lovely set of wine glasses. In terms of wine gifts, this may seem a little average when we just told you not to be! But bear with us. If you're a wine lover, then you'll want the perfect bottle of wine and the perfect wine glass. This is a very elegant set of wine glasses that are just waiting to help you drink your favourite Chablis. Drinking wine ain't half as satisfying if the glass doesn't match!

2. U-shaped wine decanter

wine decanter

The first of a double decanter hit for you guys, but this one's a bit more alternative. Forget your standard wine decanters, this is the belle of the ball. No joke, this will seriously be the talking point of your dinner party. Especially important if you're all a little shy and awkward before the wine starts flowing. Get a gift to remember and awe at with this unique wine decanter!

3. Wine decanter with built-in aerator

Wine decanter with aerator

This is one of the best gifts for red wine lovers on our list. As we've said, wine decanters look a little bit lame. Not their ability to enhance many a vintage wine, but rather their design. With this one, however, there's an added extra to the breathability; in the shape of an 'aerator'. This enhances the airing process of wine and makes the experience for wine drinkers even better!

4. Electric wine cooler

Wine bottle chiller

We all love to drink our wine chilled. Some people even like their reds chilled, but we're not here for that argument today.

Instead, we're introducing to you this fantastic wine cooler. According to the manufacturer, it's able to store 'most' types of bottles from the white wine to the sparkling wine bottles, so you should be safe to chill your fave tipple Providing a 24 hour service, you'll be able to set your own preferred temperature and drink whenever you fancy it.

We can't imagine a Christmas without one!

5. Wine advent calendar

Wine advent calendar

Who says that advent calendars are just for the kids? Adults can enjoy this festive ritual too, but with a little, tiny twist... Ok, the twist is quite big. There are no chocolates involved here, just 24 wine bottles! Yes, seriously!

Unfortunately, the wine does not come with the actual advent calendar structure. However, they do provide this service if needed. This might not be the worst thing in the world because you can regulate what you'll be drinking up until Christmas Day, where you'll be drinking even more wine. We'll pray for you!

6. Wall-mounted wine rack

Wall mounted wine rack

One of biggest problems a wine lover will face is struggling to store the huge gaggle of wine bottles they have. Furiously stuffing them into a dark cupboard isn't the most glamourous action to perform. Instead, why not show off your collection? If your collection isn't full of Blue Nuns, then you'll love reveling at your guests' amazed faces. As if that wasn't enough, this wine rack can also hang your favourite glasses too. What a rack!

Fancy something a bit more grounded? Check out the wine bar cart in our Mixology Gifts piece!

7. Prescription wine label

Prescription wine bottle label

Hello, what's your emergency? We've got a soccer mom out of wine, send your biggest bottle of rose quick! We joke about this, but it's a serious emergency in some households. With respect to this massive issue, buy your wine lover a prescription wine label. It's fun and a full-on gimmick, so maybe not the best for any serious wine connoisseurs. Doctors advise only a few bottles a month, however. Don't be a norty little elf before Christmas has even begun!

8. Set of stemless wine glasses

Stemless wine glasses

Are you sick of wine glasses with stems? So annoying, right? What you need is some wine glasses minus the stems! You'll still be able to enjoy the wine glass shape, it just means you'll be reaching a little lower to grab your glass. If anything, they're for the clumsy wine lover.

Of course, the design is very nice, we don't doubt this. But if your special someone's arms become a bit 'flaily' after a few glasses, then they'll need this gift. When it comes to gifts for wine drinkers, clumsy or not, it's an excellent choice!

9. Wine gift set

Wine gift set

Wine lovers of the world, we have the set of sets for you. Think of 'wine gift set' and you might think of a wine hamper? But this set takes things very literal. Everything you could ever need to enjoy some wine is included. Electric wine bottle opener, wine preserver, aerator, bottle stoppers and foil cutters. No stone is left unturned when it comes to creating the ideal wine drinking experience. It's the ultimate wine gift set!

You may also know someone super into bartending? If so, consider one of the best bartender kits for a great gift idea!

10. Mini wine picnic table

Wine picnic table

Fine wines have never tasted better, than on this mini picnic table. Grab yourself some top quality cheeses, fine meats (or veggie alternative) and expensive crackers to enjoy alongside a juicy Merlot. Sit down with some good company and you've yourself a right good day! This is even better for avoiding any ant disasters too. Everything can be placed upon the table, rather than on the ground, at the mercy of the incoming ant invasion. Unfortunately, it does nothing for wasps, you're on your own there!

11. Metal barrel cork collector

Wine cork collector

Wine lovers all have one huge issue... the wine corks. They're annoying little things. They always seem to be living under a sofa, back of a drawer or in the dog's mouth. You've already got one of the best bottle openers, so let's find a fancy solution to the corks!

This rustic metal barrel cork collector means they'll all be in one place. You never have to fear about randomly finding them six months after that big house party. Plus, once it's full, it's time to let your creativity shine. Make a cork sculpture, a cork boat or just throw them away. The world is your oyster!

12. Mulled wine spice kit

Mulled wine spice kit

Do you often find yourself mulling over a mulled wine? Mull no more and get your mulling on. This cute, little mulled wine spice kit allows you to create your own hot wine recipe. Let's take a dive into the mulled contents. A jar of local honey, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, honey dipper, muslin bags and a recipe book. It's never been so easy for the mulled wine lovers. Chuck out the pre-made rubbish and start making some quality stuff, it's Christmas!

13. Wine bottle chandelier

Wine bottle chandelier

To complete our list of the best Christmas gifts for wine lovers, let's go out on something a bit left-field. This one is for the art lovers, and perhaps the environment lovers. Take recycling to the next level by adding this wine bottle chandelier to an empty, character-less room of yours. It can either be made with clear bottles or coloured bottles, so it's completely down to you how you want the mood to be. We think they're a great addition to any bar-like room you have, very fitting!

So, now you've got the ideas, what are you waiting for? Go out and get buying! And Merry Christmas!

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