Bartending IS a world of its own. Here's what happens when you get involved with us; 13 things that happen when you're dating a bartender. Props to Chrissy Stockton for a very accurate list.

You learn by proxy what is good scotch and what drinks a bartender will judge you for ordering.

You develop a thick skin. A bartender may flirt with his or her customers, it’s part of being good at their job. You know that it doesn’t mean anything, you’re the one they’re coming home to — but still, it takes a bit of growing up, and you’re thankful for that

Your parents might give you crap that they don’t have a “real” job but you know they work harder than anyone else you know. They also happen to make more money than most people your age — so you’re not upset at all.
Note by the editor: So true. As far as jobs without a degree go, bartenders are raking it in.

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You find yourself constantly entertained by them. They seem to have at least one ‘crazy customer story’ for every two hours of work they put in. You might have more stability with your office job, but you never get this kind of entertainment at your workplace.
Note by the editor: Yes. Bartenders are not accountants, it is a social profession.

You find that your friends often require their services at a party and your date is happy to oblige and show off how much alcohol-related wisdom they have.

You never need to go to the ATM, they always have cash on them.
Note by the editor: Yes. It is not uncommon for Bartenders to live off their tipping money and put the regular check in a saving account. And while loan slaves wait for the end of the month, bartenders cash in every night. The trick however, is to go home instead of the one bar that's still open at 4am.

Though bartenders are mostly known for making cocktails, yours always wants nice wine or plain scotch. It’s weird.
Note by the editor: Not weird. This actually makes a lot of sense. Professional bartenders know their products, and value the subtle taste differences of a great wine or scotch over a cocktail made with standard ingredients.

You will know all of their co-workers. You just will. They all hang out together and seemingly ever person you are ever introduced to will have worked at their bar at one time or another.

If you go to their bar, they’ll give you and your friends all free shots. Then you become friends with their coworkers, who also give you free shots constantly. However, the novelty of this wore off almost immediately and you’ve really only taken them up on their offer once or twice.

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You plan a lot of day and afternoon dates since they usually work at night. It’s okay — you’ve discovered movies are way cheaper and less crowded during the day.

You learn which food places in your neighborhood are open until 4am. Lot of them close when the bars do — which is too early for you guys to indulge in some after work snacking.

You become more and more impressed with their maturity. Unlike your 9-5 friends who go through most of their work day passively, bartending is a very active job. They are better at dealing with problems and much more resourceful than anyone else you know.

You start tipping people a lot more.
Note by the editor: So true. Good tippers have either done work themselves or are involved with someone who's "tending".

Don't date them

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