Looking to surprise the bartender in your life? Get your hands on these top 9 gifts for bartenders, so you can give the perfect present for the perfect occasion...

1. Martini glasses

Set of Martini glasses

Let's kick off this list with these stunning Martini glasses...

Ok, this is not your 'regular' Martini glass, it's a coupe glass, which of course has a different shape. However, it's not uncommon for a Martini to be served in a coupe, so we'll still call them Martini glasses.

Disclaimer done, this set of four glasses hails from Italy and are designed to oxygenate and keep the aromas and flavours of the drink within the glass, enhancing the experience. This is especially important for those who like an extra Dry Martini and enjoy that very subtle hint of vermouth!

Aside from being highly elegant, these glasses are also durable and these stems are reinforced, so there's no need to worry about breakage while the washing up!

If you're trying to find a gift for a bartender friend, look no further than these sophisticated glasses!

2. The mixology dice

Mixology dice kit

Next up are the mixology dice. These also feature in our list of favourite mixology gifts, so for those who love to mix drinks at home, this is a winner.

Your bartender will receive a glass tumbler filled with 8 engraved wood dice. Each dice has different ingredients from a category. You will roll for a spirit, sugar or liqueur, citrus, fruit, spice, herb and bitters. Once it's rolled, it's time to craft! The aim is to make a perfectly balanced cocktail from the ingredients given to you by the dice.

Sounds challenging? It is! Making mixed drinks can be a little repetitive sometimes, so this is sure to inspire their creativity and test their skills.

Does your bartender like a challenge? If yes, then roll the dice with this mixology dice, to win the jackpot.

3. Glass cocktail shaker

Glass cocktail shaker

Looking for classy gifts for bartenders? This one's got you covered!

As cocktail shakers go, it's not your standard shaker. This is a textured glass cocktail shaker with stainless steel lid and built-in strainer. It could be easy for this cocktail shaker to look a little bit tacky, but for us it's anything but and would be completely at home in a 1920s bar (minus Prohibition). Plus, you can choose from a gold, silver or rose gold finish, depending on your bartender's style.

Plus, that textured glass body is no gimmick. It looks great but also serves another very important purpose... to provide an incredibly pleasing noise when being shaken! Fill your ears with delight as the ice cubes crack against the glass - satisfying stuff, we think!

Go one step further and turn this into a lovely little bartender gift set by adding the two matching glass tumblers. Shake and serve style!

4. The Bartenders Guide by Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas Bartender Guide

Our list would be complete without something a bit more educational amongst the silly and fun suggestions. So, behold, here's a bartender book...

'What's so special about this book?', we hear you ask. It's written by the king of bartending himself, Jerry Thomas. Thomas lead the revolution for the cocktail culture we know so well today and many classic cocktails had their roots from this man and his pioneering work in this cocktail recipe book.

To be a bartender and not know about this book, is to be a communist and to have never read Das Kapital. Don't be a phoney!

We consider this to be more of a thoughtful gift for your bartender. Help them take their ability to the next level with delicious, new creations, inspired by the father of bartending...

5. Home ice maker

Home ice maker

At number five, we're taking this list to dizzy new heights with a home ice machine. Gifts for bartenders don't get any bigger than this!

Ice is a pivotal part of bartending, but can also be the bane of a bartender's life. We bet your bartender has furiously googled 'how to make clear ice cubes' at home just before a big event. Making lots of clear ice without equipment is a tricky task, so why not help them out with this amazing invention.

The portable ice maker can make 26lbs of ice in 24 hours, and ice cubes can be ready in as little as 8 minutes. Even if your guests are fast drinkers, the bartender will be able to keep up with them. Once the ice cubes have frozen, simply scoop them out using the ice scoop and plonk them into the glass.

It may not be the biggest ice maker in the world but for utility and price, it's one of our top gifts for a bartender.

6. Cocktail stencil

Cocktail stencil

Maybe you're looking for personalised bartender gift ideas? Or even a little stocking filler? Then this might be the one...

Let them impress their guests with this cocktail stencil that adds a personal touch to every cocktail. What's even better is that they can roll the mixology dice for the cocktail recipe and garnish with the stencil, for an even more customised drink. What a great idea!

You can choose from a selection of different sizes and fonts to make the stencil, so it suits the cocktail and glass. There are some limitations on text and design, but this won't stop your fave bartender finishing off a Whiskey Sour with some uniqueness. Simply sprinkle some icing sugar or cinnamon over your creation (depending on the drink) and the stencil does all the magic for you.

Whilst it's not quite a bartending tool, any bartender would be honoured to add this into their garnish arsenal.

7. DIY vodka infusion kit

DIY vodka infusion kit

Infusing alcohol seems to be something we all want to do, but never really get around to doing it. Weird, no? Well, whoever is the receiver of this kit now has no excuses.

Tightly packed with a book of infused vodka recipes, infusion jar, liquor bottle, strainer and many other useful knick-knacks, it's perfect for creatives and vodka enthusiasts. Instructions are clear and easy to understand and the equipment is super simple to use, meaning the tedious parts are removed and the fun parts remain.

Creative gifts for bartenders can be a little gimmicky or amateur at times, but with this vodka infusion set, it's anything but.

Anyone can go out and buy themselves a flavoured vodka. But not everyone can finely-tune a homemade infused spirit and create new cocktails with it. That takes skill!

Sounds like something they'd love? Let them take bartending to the next level...

8. Whiskey smoking gun

Whiskey smoking gun

Maybe vodka isn't their thing? Or perhaps they're a little bit more sophisticated in their taste (no offence to the vodka fans out there)? Refine the tastes of their favourite whiskey with this reasonably priced whiskey smoking gun kit...

Upon purchasing, they'll receive a smoking tray, recipe card and smoking chips for both wine and whiskey. For a little bit more it'll include the torch and a nosing glass! The smoking chips are made from old whiskey barrels, adding deep, smoky, woody notes to any whiskey they plan on smoking. It's more of a mixology present, but still an absolutely great gift for bartenders who love a bit more experimentation (or arson).

Add a some flavour to their life and their whiskey with this nifty smoking kit!

9. Personalised mini bartender

Personalized mini bartender

This is the last recommendation on our list of top gifts for a bartender. So let's go out with a bang with this completely unique bartender gift idea - a mini bartender! Perfect for a narcissist or just those with a sense of humour, it's undoubtedly a special gift they're going to love!

Clay portrait artists design the head and body of the mini-me, whilst you get to choose the eye colour, skin colour and height. If you're worried about receiving a bobblehead reminiscent of Sloth from The Goonies (rather than your bartender), don't be! The company goes through a very strict proofing process, to ensure the mini-me they create really is a look-a-like.

Get your bartender friend their own bartender friend.

It doesn't get anymore personalised than this!

Final verdict

So which is the best? Honestly, this is a very subjective question. Every bartender is different and only you truly know what the final verdict is for them. However, we definitely have our favourites...

Out of all the best gifts for bartenders we've recommended, we think it's got to be the home ice maker. When making mixed drinks at home in front of friends or family, ice can be a real nuisance. Is there enough? Does it look nice and clear? Will it melt too fast? These are just some of the questions going through a bartender's head when it comes to ice. It's a big deal!

For price and use, this ice machine is perfect and well worth every penny. It's got an impressive 24 hour capacity and is really easy to use. Looking for best gifts for the bartender, this might be your winner, it's certainly ours!

Interested in bartending? Start your journey today and make classic cocktails behind the bar professionally with our bartender course. Come and begin your new chapter...