Infused vodka has become something of a hit within the last few years. Due to the pandemic, homemade anything have been on people's top priority list, and a part of that was homemade alcohol.

Come a learn below our favourite flavour combinations, how to make infused vodka and our top tips for infusing!

Flavoured vodka recipes - 7 of the best

Watermelon and ginger flavoured vodkas

Making flavoured vodka recipes is an incredibly creative and fun pastime for those passionate about bartending.

You know what the best part about flavouring vodka is? It's easy! Try out our 7 favourite flavoured vodkas below...

1. Rosemary and lavender infusion

A big fan of floral flavours? Then this is your vodka infusion! Both of these ingredients are excellent at calming any harsh flavours within the vodka, so great with any neutral mixers.

Ingredients: 1 sprig of fresh rosemary, 2 sprigs of fresh lavender

How to drink: Vodka Martini, Vodka Tonic, Cosmopolitan

2. Blueberry and lemon infusion

This next one's a bit more bitter and tangy. It adds a real sharpness to the vodka and bite! Make sure to crush the blueberries a little before infusing to get the most out of this homemade flavoured vodka recipe.

Ingredients: 250g blueberries, 1 half lemon (juice and zest)

How to drink: Vodka Iced Tea, Vodka Tonic, Cosmopolitan, Sea Breeze

3. Basil and ginger infusion

Add a herby, spicy note to your craft cocktails with this little combination. By grating up the ginger you'll be releasing some unbelievable flavours into the vodka. Say goodbye to that vodka kick and hello to a gingery one with this infusion recipe.

Ingredients: 1 knob of fresh ginger, 10 fresh basil leaves

How to drink: Moscow Mule, Vodka Soda

4. Jalapeño pepper and watermelon infusion

This might seem like a strange pairing (granted, it is a little bit) but it's super tasty! It's a weird combination of sweet, refreshing watermelon and a spicy, acidic jalapeño. Wannabe mixologists look this way.

Ingredients: 1 Jalapeño (sliced), 400g diced watermelon

How to drink: Vodka Martini, Vodka Soda

5. Bacon infusion

Ok, so maybe the previous infusion doesn't look too bad? Again, it looks a strange one but so good (if you're a meat eater). This one takes a little more effort because you'll have to fry the bacon for its delicious juices. Have yourself and smoky, salty treat by making this flavoured vodka recipe.

Ingredients: 2 tbsp of bacon drippings

How to drink: Bloody Mary

6. Pineapple infusion

Getting on track with the 'normal' flavours, a pineapple infused vodka is an absolute winner! It's sweet, tropical and a little tart. This is one of the more versatile homemade flavoured vodka recipes, as it can go with most fruit cocktail recipes.

Ingredients: 400g diced fresh pineapple

How to drink: Screwdriver, Sex On The Beach, Sea Breeze, Vodka Lemonade

7. Caramel infusion

Finally, a sweet note to end on. For you sweet tooths out there, this caramel vodka infusion will blow you away! The best thing about a caramel vodka is that it tastes so much like caramel (shocking, right?). This is no weak flavouring.

Ingredients: 10 caramel sweets (whole) 

How to drink: Vodka Martini, Mudslide, Black Russian, Alcoholic Hot Chocolate

How to infuse vodka

Lemon and rosemary infused vodka

It may seem complicated to make an infusion vodka, but you'd be wrong! It's incredibly simple infusing vodka, so pay attention to our easy 5 step method...

1. Prepare the ingredients

Wash and dry the infusion ingredients. Chop up large fruits into smaller chunks, but smaller fruit (like berries) can be left as they come. Herbs should be left untouched.

If you're using fresh fruit there's two routes you can take. The first is infusing with the peel on. This gives the flavoured vodka a rich colour but can weaken the taste. The second route is to peel the fresh fruits. This produces a clearer vodka, but one that's much sweeter.

A vodka infusion can be done with almost anything, so try out fun and exotic flavour combinations to find your perfect infused vodka!

2. Combine the ingredients

Next, transfer the infusers to your chosen container. Pour in 500-700ml of vodka into the container. The vodka should fill all of the container.

You can use the original vodka bottle for bottling and storing if you wish.

3. Start the infusion

Store in a cool, dry, dark place and leave for 3-5 days to infuse the vodka. The key to infusing vodka well is to shake the bottle every few days. Once time is up, it's time to taste and if you're happy with the flavour, then it's done!

4. Strain the infused vodka

Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the infused mixture. Pour the flavoured vodka over the strainer into a large bowl.

If you have smaller bits of debris within the vodka, using a cloth to strain away these imperfections.

5. Bottle and store away

Pour the vodka infusion into a bottle and store away until use! Make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight if you leave it out of the fridge.

Now, go and get creative with the cocktail recipes!

Other infused vodka recipes

Strawberry infused vodka cocktails

Here are some more great infused vodka recipes we know of...

Strawberry infused vodka - This is an absolutely classic ingredient. Grab some fresh strawberries and cut them in half. Once infusing is done, this is delicious with a lemonade!

Vanilla infused vodka - Another classic vodka infusion, this one requires vanilla beans. Take a vanilla bean pod and drop it into the vodka. Shake and agitate the mixture to reveal a smooth, creamy tasting vodka. Best served with Coca Cola.

Grapefruit and mint infused vodka - You may not think to put these two ingredients together but don't miss out on this stunning flavour combination. You find yourself drinking a delightfully refreshing infused alcohol. Add a little simple syrup to some tonic for a great palate cleanser!

Cucumber, mint and juniper berry infused vodka - A very underrated set of infusion ingredients. If you love gin, you'll love this! Simply serve up this vodka infusion with some tonic on a Summer's day, with Wimbledon on in the background for the best results.

Cinnamon infused vodka - Lastly, something for a Winter's day. Add some cinnamon sticks to vodka to make a firey vodka fit for creaive craft cocktails. Perfect for warming your cockles on the 5th of November! 

FAQs: Infused vodka

Selection of flavoured vodka cocktails

How long will infused vodka last?

Infused vodka lasts 7 days but can last a little longer in the fridge.

Can you infuse vodka with anything?

Yes! As long as it's safe to consume, then it can be used to infuse vodka.

Which vodka to use for infusing vodka?

There is no best vodka for infusing. You can use any vodka. Infusing vodka is good because you can choose a cheaper brand of vodka and mask any harsh flavours with the infusing period. Fruit vodka is especially good at doing this.

How long does vodka last?

Once opened, vodka can last for over 10 years. Naturally, the quality and taste of the vodka decreases over time.

Go beyond creating flavor combinations at home and start getting creative behind the bar with flavored vodka. Learn more about our bartending courses to begin your journey...