• 40ml Vodka
  • Fill with orange juice

Process Steps

  1. Pour the vodka into a highball glass over cubed ice
  2. Fill with orange juice

The Screwdriver recipe is a combination of two ingredients: vodka and orange juice. Served in a highball glass filled with ice, the Screwdriver cocktail is a refreshing drink perfect on a hot summer’s day. The Screwdriver drink can be prepared for large parties or simply for a quick citrusy alcohol fix. There are no clear records as to how the name of the drink Screwdriver was coined. However, many hypotheses state that a literal screwdriver was used to stir the cocktail drink instead of a spoon in the olden days.

The origin of Screwdriver cocktails can be traced all the way back to World War II in China and Turkey. American engineers who were stationed in those countries mixed spirits with some splashes of orange juice. Since then, several versions of the famous Screwdriver drink have come about due to the simplicity of the cocktail. The sweet citrusy flavour of the orange juice is refreshing and energising, best recommended for any casual daytime occasion.

What are the ingredients for a Screwdriver?

Listed below are the ingredients for a Screwdriver cocktail drink.

  • 40ml Vodka: Vodka is primarily made in Russia, a distilled beverage from fermented cereal grains. The alcohol content of vodka can be as high as 50%, providing a strong alcoholic punch to any cocktail recipe.  
  • Orange juice: Orange juice comes from the fruit of orange trees and has a strong citrusy tangy and sweet flavour. It is also commonly consumed as a thirst-quenching beverage on its own.

1. 40ml Vodka

Vodka is one of the essential ingredients in the Screwdriver cocktail. It is a strong alcoholic drink that provides the alcohol vibe and contributes to the overall strength of the drink. It has 48 calories and 40% alcohol by volume per 20ml serving. Smirnoff Vodka is the best recommended vodka for this cocktail recipe.

2. Orange Juice until filling the glass

Orange juice is needed to make a Screwdriver cocktail. It gives the Screwdriver cocktail its fresh fruity taste.The fresh orange juice does not have alcohol content, but it does contain 14 calories. Freshly squeezed orange juice is best, but make sure the orange pulp is strained out before pouring.

How to make a Screwdriver?

Preparing a Screwdriver has never been easier thanks to this recipe, so don't miss it and make the most out of your cocktail.  

  • Pour the vodka into a highball glass over cubed ice.
  • Fill with orange juice.

1. Pour the vodka into a highball glass over cubed ice.

Add an amount of vodka into a highball glass or any tall glass available. It is important to add enough ice for the drink to stay cold. Vodka should comprise a third of the drink mixture.

2. Fill with orange juice.

Freshly squeezed, pulp free orange juice is then poured into the same glass with the vodka and ice. Fill the remaining space of the tall glass with orange juice, constituting two thirds of the recipe. Orange juice  gives the Screwdriver cocktail its defining flavour.  

What nutritional benefit can you get from drinking a Screwdriver?

There are no nutritional benefits from drinking the Screwdriver cocktail except for some Vitamin C from the freshly squeezed oranges. It has an alcohol content of 10% by volume, with 207 calories present per serving.

What are the different variations of Screwdriver?

There are multiple variations of the Screwdriver cocktail drink, including Harvey Wallbanger and Vodka Sunrise. To make variations of the Screwdriver cocktail drink, one can alter orange with other citrus fruits, swap vodka with tequila, or add in some other sweeteners. Some similar cocktails to Screwdrivers are the Classic Mimosa, Amaretto Stone Sour, the Hurricane, Madras, and Honolulu Cooler.

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