Take the International Bartender Course and get...

ebs not your typical school

Not your typical education

  • Your classroom is a working bar where you can get real experience
  • Your teachers are friends and mentors who understand your passion
  • Your classes are lively, practical, and full of laughter 
  • Your classmates become friends for life and valuable industry connections 
  • Your break times are spent exploring a new city 
  • Your qualification unlocks doors to amazing career opportunities
  • Your school welcomes you back and supports you for life
gianluca paradiso bar

Make it big time

It may seem like a lot of fun. But, in between the laughter, you're acquiring the knowledge and skills that could lead you to serve at famous venues.

Take Gianluca, for example. Once an EBS student, Gianluca is now Bar Supervisor at Paradiso, #1 World's Best Bar of 2023. How's that for progression?