For those who like to drink alcohol, cocktails are just one fun, fancy way to consume the stuff. But what if your alcohol consumption is zero? This is where you'll need a 'mocktail'!

Virgin drinks have been on the rise in recent years, with creativity going off the scale to cater for non-alcoholic needs. But what exactly is a 'mocktail'? Let's get into it... 

What is a mocktail?

The online dictionary Merriam-Webster defines a mocktail as, "a usually iced drink made with any of various ingredients (such as juice, herbs, and soda water) but without alcohol : a non-alcoholic cocktail".

To put it even more simply, a mocktail is cocktail without the alcohol. Despite this omission, mocktails have a rich heritage that's created some classics like the Shirley Temple, Virgin Mojito and Roy Roger.

What is in a mocktail?

Champagne mocktail

Mocktail recipes can contain a whole host of ingredients (excluding alcohol, of course), meaning they're not just juice and lemonade. Yes, mocktails can be made up of fruit juices, herbs, spices, soft drinks and syrups. A whole range of potential!

The most common ingredients in a mocktail are orange juice, ginger beer, grenadine, Coca-Cola and fresh lemon juice. These are your base ingredients that can create some amazingly delicious mocktails.

Popular mocktail recipes

Sex On The Beach mocktail

If you're a non-drinker, you don't have to make do with soft drinks or a lemon and lime soda on a night out. There's a whole world of drink creativity to discover that's been well established. Here, are just some of the most popular mocktails to order at a bar...


This one's a favourite. All it involves is making a normal alcoholic Mojito and leaving out the rum, thus creating the non-alcoholic Mojito. Easy! Then, right before your eyes you'll have a nice, refreshing beverage to enjoy alongside your alcohol-drinking friends.

Shirley Temple 

We couldn't write a piece on 'what are mocktails' without mentioning this absolute classic. Made from a combination of grenadine and ginger ale, it's been around for a long time and been a hit for a long time, too. A true winner with many in the non-alcoholic community.

Arnold Palmer

Love a good iced tea? The Arnold Palmer is the perfect choice for you. Made with English Breakfast tea, this subtle-flavoured creation is great for when the alcohol consumers are enjoying a chilled night of Old Fashioned drinking.

Fake Champagne

Perfect for expecting mothers at their baby showers, this non-alcoholic recipe is sure to fulfil any need for celebration. Marrying together apple juice and ginger ale (or beer) you'll be able to responsibly enjoy a glass of bubbly!

Roy Rogers

If you don't like a Shirley Temple, maybe you'll enjoy a Roy Rogers. Named after yet another actor, this cocktail uses Coca-Cola with grenadine, instead of ginger ale. Add a maraschino cherry on top to complete this delicious mocktail. Happy days!

Just like with 'cocktailing', 'mocktailing' inspires creativity. As long as it tastes nice, fire ahead with your creation! Even the simplest of mocktails, like a fresh orange juice and lemonade, can be transformed into something spectacular with a bit of magic (aka grenadine). You don't need alcohol to have fun, remember!

Mocktails: FAQs

Arnold Palmer mocktail

Still haven't answered your burning mocktail questions? This lot go beyond what is a mocktail, so listen up...

Why do people drink mocktails?

Most often, people drink mocktails because they do not drink alcohol. Mocktails are just alcohol-free cocktails, which means all the fun without the hangover. People may also drink mocktails because of health reasons, like pregnancy. And, irrespective of the reason, they'll still be getting a delicious drink!

Can you drink mocktails whilst pregnant?

Yes. Mocktails are non-alcoholic drinks, so are perfectly fine to drink for those who are pregnant. However, do make sure grapefruit juice drink recipes contain pasteurised grapefruit juice and not fresh, to ensure it's completely safe.

Is it easy to make mocktails at home?

Yes! Mocktails are super easy to make at home. Maybe you'll need the odd bar tool, such as a cocktail shaker, but as long as you have the ingredients, you're good to go!

So, now that you're completely clued up on what is a mocktail, are you ready to go professional? Our bartending course offers you the chance to become as a bartender in just 4 weeks! (You'll learn alcoholic recipes, too, by the way!)